Translator’s Preface


"...The Diamond Sutra! Why is it also called the Vajra Sutra? What happened? Is it because the full name of the sutra is Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra, and it was shortened to Vajra Sutra? ..." 

Prologue, 24 July 2021


"...Lamdre is very difficult to explain, and in this modern era, no one has explained it in depth. Many masters have discussed the Vajra Sutra, but I consider the Vajra Sutra even more difficult to explain than Lamdre..." 

Discourse 1, 25 July 2021 - The Meaning of the Sutra's Name


"...if you had become a buddha, say, Adharma Buddha, Vairocana Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Medicine Tathagata, Aksobhya Buddha, Ratnasambhava Buddha or Amogasiddhi Buddha, would you still practice the buddhadharma every day? ..."

Discourse 2, 31 July 2021 - Chapter One—The Setting of the Dharma Teaching

“...We learn from physics that the earth has gone through seven transformations in the past seven hundred million years. The mountains became fields, the fields became mountains; the oceans became mountains, and the mountains became the seas. As time goes, nothing stays. Everything will be annihilated. Kalachakra or the wheel of time also annihilates everything...” 

Discourse 3, 1 August 2021 - Chapter One—The Setting of the Dharma Teaching (continued)


"...When the Buddha returned, she was the first one that ran to the Buddha and said, “I’m the first one to greet you on your return.” Sakyamuni Buddha said, “No, it wasn’t you.” She replied, “I got here first! Why are you saying it wasn’t me?”..." 

Discourse 4, 7 August 2021 - Chapter One—The Setting of the Dharma Teaching (continued)


"...There's deeper meaning to eating. The Buddha said, “one person only begged from poor people while the other only begged from the rich. Neither had the mind of equality, they were partial." One was partial towards the poor whilst the other was partial towards the rich. They were both wrong. One eats whatever is offered. This should be the mindset of a practitioner. One should not discriminate. Remember, if one discriminates, one is on the wrong track..."

Discourse 5, 8 August 2021 - Chapter One—The Setting of the Dharma Teaching (continued)


"...The life of the Buddha seems exactly the same as that of an average person, eating and sleeping; however, it is very different. Even though on the surface, it is the act of eating and sleeping, in its deepest meaning, it differs from what mundane people do..." 

Discourse 6, 14 August 2021 - Chapter Two—Subhuti’s Request

"...I will tell you something that no one else knows, only Grandmaster knows; it is not even written in the Avadanasataka Sutra. People talk about three lifetimes of the past, present and future. I talk about four lifetimes. Only Grandmaster Lu knows about Subhuti’s earliest lifetime..." 

Discourse 7, 15 August 2021 - Chapter Two—Subhuti’s Request (continued)


"...Learn from Subhuti! He practiced the endurance paramita and he returned everything to emptiness. He discarded all the garbage from his heart and mind. Why do you keep garbage inside you? What for? Throw them out, empty your heart and mind. Nothing is the matter..."

Discourse 8, 21 August 2021 - Chapter Two—Subhuti’s Request (continued)

"...The Buddha put his whole heart into teaching Subhuti, observing Subhuti’s past lifetimes. I have mentioned that in his past lives, Subhuti was an extremely angry person. Therefore, the Buddha’s first lesson to Subhuti was the endurance paramita..."

Discourse 9, 22 August 2021 - Chapter Two—Subhuti’s Request (continued)


”...Good men and good women refer to upasaka and upasika, not just kind people with good hearts. Do not mistake it. You may think that “good men” refers to a man with a good heart, and “good women” refers to a kind woman. No, good men and good women refer to upasaka and upasika—the ones purposedly trained in the authentic buddhadharma; the ones that will attain the highest enlightenment in the future...“

Discourse 10, 28 August 2021 - Chapter Two (continued) and Chapter Three—The Right and Ultimate Meaning of the Great Vehicle


”...The Vajra Sutra is exceedingly profound. It reveals that ultimately all phenomena are intrinsically empty, which is the right equality. The Vajra Sutra talks about two wisdoms; the wisdom of the nature of equality which is the right equality and the perfect mirror-like wisdom which is the enlightening reality. These two wisdoms are extremely important concepts in Buddhism...“

Discourse 11, 29 August 2021 - Chapter Three—The Right and Ultimate Meaning of the Great Vehicle (continued)


"...Who defined time? It is defined by human beings. No view of lifespan means there is no time dimension. Time does not exist. If time does not exist anymore, how can there be any coexistence of causes and conditions?..."

Discourse 12, 4 September 2021Chapter Three—The Right and Ultimate Meaning of the Great Vehicle (continued)
“...If you cultivate spiritually until you attain the non-phenomena of lifespan, then you can easily go back and forth between the past, present and future. You can state all of whom you have been in the past. You can also state what you will be in the future. The Three Times—the past, present and future—are all-in-one, they are one time, and they are on the same time dimension. That’s the benefit of having no phenomena of lifespan…” 

Discourse 13, 5 September 2021Chapter Four—Non-dwelling in Marvelous Conduct 
"...when a bodhisattva performs acts of giving without dwelling on form, his merit and virtue is likewise immeasurable. Subhuti, the bodhisattvas should abide this way..."

Discourse 14, 11 September 2021Chapter Four—Non-dwelling in Marvelous Conduct (continued)  
“...This is an act of giving without dwelling on form. Merit, nor non-dwelling on merit, should not be talked about. However, Sakyamuni Buddha has said this kind of merit is unimaginable. Therefore, the old landlord is very wealthy in each of his lifetimes. He asked for nothing in return; he did not ask to go to heaven or to become a god. But in each lifetime, he will be rich and healthy for innumerable kalpas…” 

Discourse 15, 12 September 2021Chapter Five—Real Seeing According to the Truth 
"...So which Sheng-yen Lu is Sheng-yen Lu? The new-born Sheng-yen Lu? The child Sheng-yen Lu? The youth Sheng-yen Lu? The middle-aged Sheng-yen Lu? The primed-aged Sheng-yen Lu? The now old-aged Sheng-yen Lu? They are all different. This is non-appearance. 

Is there any kind of appearance that can truly be maintained and stay unchanged? We will talk about it later in the Vajra Sutra. Any appearance is an aggregate. What is an aggregate? It is a composite, an amalgam, a union. What types of aggregates? It is an aggregate of the earth, water, fire and wind elements. Houses are aggregates, cars are aggregates, everything and all things are aggregates. Everything..."

Discourse 16, 18 September 2021 - Chapter Six—The Right Faith is Extremely Rare


"...People in this world are attached to appearances, forms or phenomena. People in the world don’t have the right faith. Why? Because they are attached to appearances, forms or phenomena. Look at the young unmarried men these days. All of them want to marry beautiful wives. Is there anyone who wants to marry an ugly one? Ugly women cannot find marriage partners. They all want beautiful wives but not ugly ones because they are still attached to appearances. Whether they are ugly or beautiful, they are all non-appearances. They are all aggregates of the earth, water, fire and wind elements..." 

Discourse 17, 19 September 2021 - Chapter Six—The Right Faith is Extremely Rare (continued)


"...To hold the view of dharma… What is dharma? In this case, “dharma” refers to the mountains, the rivers, the great earth, everything really. If you think that everything exists, you “hold” the view of dharma. If you do not think that they exist, you “hold” the view of non-dharma. In both cases, you still attach yourself to self, others, sentient beings and lifespan; you are attached to phenomena..."

Discourse 18, 25 September 2021 - Chapter Six—The Right Faith is Extremely Rare (continued)
“...What is non-dharma? The non-dharma being mentioned here refers to things such as fengshui consultation. That is non-dharma because it will not allow you to be reborn in the pureland. Likewise, purifications and helping others to eradicate calamities; fortune-telling, even if it’s accurate, does not result in a rebirth in the pureland. Mastery of numerology and astrology cannot give you a rebirth in the pureland either. These are all non-dharma, as emphasized by Sakyamuni Buddha. They are not the true buddhadharma!...”

Discourse 19, 26 September 2021 - Chapter Seven—Nothing Gained, Nothing Spoken
“...When you comprehend the buddhadharma, you understand that there is nothing to gain, and your mind will be at peace. You still love your children, but everything depends on themselves; this also applies for grandchildren. It’s not being heartless. I want to deliver them and guide them onto the path, but it also depends on their affinities. At the moment, they are still attached to worldly things, grasping at everything mundane, they do not comprehend nothing gained, nothing spoken…”

Discourse 20, 2 October 2021 Chapter Seven—Nothing Gained, Nothing Spoken (continued)  
Seven—Nothing Gained, Nothing Spoken 
“Subhuti, what do you think? Does the Tathagata attain anuttara samyaksambodhi? Does the Tathagata speak on the dharma?” 
Subhuti replied, “In my understanding of the meaning of the Buddha’s teaching, there is no fixed dharma called anuttara samyaksambodhi, and there is no fixed dharma spoken by the Tathagata. Why? Because all teachings of the Tathagata cannot be held and cannot be spoken. They are not dharma, and they are not non-dharma. Therefore, all sages are distinguished by effortless motiveless dharma.”

Discourse 21, 3 October 2021 - Chapter Seven—Nothing Gained, Nothing Spoken (continued)  
“...What is not non-dharma? Generosity is buddhadharma, but buddhadharma is not generosity. To say this is right. To say that buddhadharma is generosity is wrong. [By the same logic, we say that] not non-dharma is buddhadharma is wrong. Not non-dharma seems like buddhadharma but it is not buddhadharma. Buddhadharma itself is too vast to explain…” 

Discourse 22, 9 October 2021Chapter Eight—Dharma Arising Accordingly  
"...There is buddhadharma on earth, but is there buddhadharma on the moon?..." 

Discourse 23, 10 October 2021Chapter Eight—Dharma Arising Accordingly (continued)   
"...There are three kinds of giving: the first kind is giving wealth or money to generate merit, such as filling the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds with the seven precious jewels for charity. The second is giving dharma, speaking on the dharma or teaching dharma to people. This is sharing buddhadharma to others as an act of giving. Its merit is better than the merit of giving money. The third kind is giving fearlessly. What does that mean? It involves equality in giving and forsaking. Only a bodhisattva gives equally.

"...Jesus also gave fearlessly, and he has the spirit of a bodhisattva..." 

Discourse 24, 16 October 2021Chapter Nine—Phenomena is Non-Phenomena 
"...The Buddha asked, “Subhuti, what do you think? Can a stream-enterer think this way:  'I have attained the fruition of a stream-enterer?'"..."

Discourse 25, 17 October 2021 - Chapter Nine—Phenomena is Non-Phenomena (continued) 
"...she had soft bone syndrome or achondroplasia since birth. She could not speak, could not move at all, and could only open her eyes to look at her mother. Her skin was fair, and her eyes were very beautiful and exuded wisdom. 

"Since my divine eyes were opened at that time, I looked into her eyes with my divine eyes. I realized that she was a sage, a once-returner, a second level arhat, a sakadagami... she needed to come back to the world one last time. Upon her return to mankind, in order to maintain her former purity and precepts, she found benefactors with good affinities to protect her while living in the human realm..." 
Discourse 26, 23 October 2021 - Chapter Nine—Phenomena is Non-Phenomena (continued)  
“...World-honored One, if I think that ‘I have attained arhatship,’ the World-honored One will not say that Subhuti is the bliss aranya! Because Subhuti has not done anything, therefore Subhuti is referred to as a bliss aranya...”

Discourse 27, 24 October 2021 Chapter Nine—Phenomena is Non-Phenomena (continued)
"...As Buddhist practitioners, we are in the samadhi of non-contention! Diligent! We must be diligent." 

Discourse 28, 30 October 2021 - Chapter Ten—Magnificent Pureland


“...Buddhanature is already within the mind of each sentient being.”

Discourse 29, 31 October 2021 - Chapter Ten—Magnificent Pureland (continued) 


“Subhuti, what do you think? Do the bodhisattvas adorn the buddhaland?”

Discourse 30, 6 November 2021 - Chapter Ten—Magnificent Pureland (continued) 


“A very famous phrase is in today’s excerpt: “Should give rise to the mind which does not dwell on anything.”

There is a story behind this famous phrase. The Sixth Patriarch Huineng heard his neighbor chanting the Vajra Sutra. When he heard the phrase should give rise to the mind which does not dwell on anything, he was awakened and immediately gained an understanding…”

Discourse 31, 7 November 2021 - Chapter Ten—Magnificent Pureland (continued) 


“...The Buddha said in the most important and final statement, “The one who is in union with the Dao is the greatest.” This is the intangible! It’s so big that there is no exterior, yet small enough that there is no interior. No outside, no inside—only then would this be the real “big”! The Dao is like that, it’s so big that there is no exterior, but also so small that there is nothing inside. This is what “big” really means. Non-body is without forms and without appearances. Only then would it be called “big.” Anything with an appearance would be small!...”

Discourse 32, 13 November 2021 - Chapter Eleven—Supreme Merits Without Condition
“Subhuti! I shall tell you truthfully, if there is a good man or good woman who fills as many billion-fold universes as those grains of sand with seven kinds of precious jewels as an act of giving, would their blessings be tremendous?” Subhuti replied, “Tremendous indeed, World-honored One!” The Buddha told Subhuti, “On the other hand, if there is a good man or good woman who upholds this sutra, and expounds it to others, even if it is only the four-line verse, his blessings and merits will exceed the former.”

Discourse 33, 14 November 2021 - Chapter Twelve—Revering the Right Teaching
"...She said, “Grandmaster, please save me!” So I took a copy of the Vajra Sutra from the bookshelf behind me and placed it on her head..."

Discourse 34, 20 November 2021 - Chapter Twelve—Revering the Right Teaching (continued)

"...We should not only revere the sutra but also uphold and recite it. Reciting the sutra and upholding the non-phenomena of self, others, sentient beings, and lifespan is the first and foremost, unexcelled, and rare dharma to allow one to reach attainment. The four non-phenomena of self, others, sentient beings, and lifespan are the first and foremost, unexcelled, and rare dharma. That is why the Vajra Sutra is also revered as the first and foremost, unexcelled, and rare sutra.

At the place where this sutra is... wherever there is a Vajra Sutra, there is a buddha..." 

Discourse 35, 21 November 2021 - Chapter Thirteen—Upholding According to the Dharma
“Subhuti, what do you think? Can one see the Tathagata through the thirty-two marks of perfection of a buddha?”

~ To be continued... ~

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