“World-honored One, we, the five hundred elders have generated the mind of anuttara samyaksambodhi. We wish to hear how to attain the purity of the buddhaverses. We pray that the World-honored One will speak on the cultivation of all the bodhisattvas’ purelands.”

”...The Accumulated Treasures Bodhisattvas [praised Sakyamuni Buddha and] bowed his head to the ground toward Sakyamuni Buddha, to pay homage…”

“...Here we offer humble parasols to the World-honored One.
Within which you showed us the three-thousand worlds,
The palaces of all devas and dragon gods,
Gandharvas and yaksas,
And all the things that exist in the saha world.
The appearances of the ten powers are manifestations.
Upon seeing this rare occurrence, sentient beings praised the Buddha.
Today, we pay homage to the Venerable of the Three Realms.
The Great Sage Dharma King is the refuge of the multitude.
Observing the Buddha with a pure mind, they are filled with joy,
Seeing the World-honored One right before them.
This is the most uncommon display of transcendent power…”

“...The Great Healer King delivers the aged, the sick, and the dead.
Homage to the dharma ocean with boundless virtues.
Unmoved by honor or slander like Mount Meru,
You equally love the virtuous and the unvirtuous,
With the mind and conduct of equality like the cosmic space.
Who could hear such a human jewel without offering respect?”

“...Once you accept the buddhadharma, you will never regress from the path (way). In such a state, you will always be naturally serene—and this is the state of innate awareness and innate light. This is the original clear light radiance and sublime perfect awakening that has been within you all along.”

2024真佛宗為世界祈福 高王經千遍迴向師尊