Akasagarbha Bodhisattva knows and has proven that all buddhadharma is within the cosmic space… Holding Precious Torch Bodhisattva brings brightness wherever he goes because he holds the illuminating wisdom (the prajna light) of the Buddha… Precious Courage Bodhisattva is fearless and courageous because he embodies the light of wisdom… [and] Precious View Bodhisattva can see all the dharma treasures and prajna lights of the tathagatas.”

Ever-Miserable Bodhisattva suffers because sentient beings suffer… a bodhisattva who starts and completes good deeds with joy is called the Root of Joy Bodhisattva… The King of Joy Bodhisattva practices equanimity. He helps people with and without affinity, and he helps those he doesn’t like. He gives without asking for anything in return… [Debating Sound Bodhisattva] is exceptional in speaking dharma as he understands Buddhist principles and knows all kinds of dharma. He can teach with eloquence and without any hindrances answer any questions asked. He masters the four kinds of debates and the eight kinds of sounds—called the unhindered dharma.”

Precious Hand Bodhisattva uses his hands to touch the heads of sentient beings to alleviate their difficulties and sufferings. Precious Seal Hand Bodhisattva understands the three dharma seals and uses his understanding to deliver sentient beings. Raising Hand Bodhisattva carries the great work of the tathagata. Lowering Hand Bodhisattva is the bodhisattva who always guides sentient beings to a better realm.”

“If you practice the dharma, you will gain spiritual experiences and be in spiritual union with the deity. You will thus gain great wisdom like your yidam and become the Greatly Adorned Bodhisattva… Once you gain spiritual responses from all the dharma you have accumulated, you become the Accumulated Treasures Bodhisattva… The one with great wisdom and an abundance of dharma treasures becomes Accumulated Eloquence Bodhisattva. No one and nothing can trump one’s unhindered eloquence.”

“The Dharma Phenomena Bodhisattva comprehends all dharma and uses this dharma to teach sentient beings… A bodhisattva who constantly reflects upon oneself is named Light Phenomena Bodhisattva… the Light Adorned Bodhisattva uses his wisdom and clear light radiance to adorn all the purelands.”

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