“What use is buddhadharma? To clear away afflictions and cut off attachments! Once you master the profundities of buddhadharma, you will be like Sai Weng. You accept life with optimism and live at ease in any circumstance. Neither will you mourn disasters nor celebrate good fortunes. You calmly face all that may come and take everything as the best arrangement. Only then, is your heart-mind truly unaffected, just like the old man.”

“A guiding teacher of an ocean of dharma treasures is a true vajra master whose attainments have been proven.”

“Two thousand and six hundred years ago in India, Sakyamuni Buddha already knew that there were microorganisms in water… He was remarkable! He knew about things as minuscule as bacteria to things as vast as the universe…
“The great bodhisattvas know their past 500 lives and their future 500 lives. They know about the past, the present, and the future—the three times. How vast is that? Beyond measure! It is impossible to measure the extent of its time and space.”

They displayed the fearlessness of a lion’s roar which resonated like thunder.

“I explain this phrase as: The great bodhisattvas fearlessly demonstrate the dharma. There is nothing to fear, just like the roar of a lion. Speaking or not, any movement he makes is a like a lion’s roar.”

“All existences are temporary phenomena. Essentially all is emptiness. The great bodhisattvas comprehend this principle; therefore, they can eradicate all habitual tendencies.”

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