32. Self-Mastery King Bodhisattva has a thorough understanding of unattainability, thus attaining ease and self-mastery.
33. Merit Adorned Bodhisattva has tremendous merit and virtue, and his body and mind are adorned with it.
34. Lion’s Roar Bodhisattva is almighty as he truly understands the Dao. He speaks like a lion, piercing through the heart.
35. Thunderous Sound Bodhisattva disseminates the Buddha’s genuine dharma as loudly and brightly as thunder.
36. Mountain Rumbling Sound Bodhisattva can shake Mount Meru with his dharma teaching, driving away all maras and heretics.

Accumulated Wisdom Bodhisattva has accumulated and comprehended all wisdom of the buddhas… Precious Victory Bodhisattva… gives buddhadharma… Sky King Bodhisattva is utterly pure… Mara Destroyer Bodhisattva… can destroy maras and heretics… Lightning Merit Bodhisattva can generate merit very quickly…[and] let you quickly attain all merit...”

“…Indra Net Bodhisattva … delivers innumerable sentient beings, as if using a net… Bright Net Bodhisattva has a clear light radiance on his body, and he uses his luminosity to deliver countless beings… A bodhisattva who delivers—or gives to—all beings equally is called the Beholding No Affinity Bodhisattva… he is free from any discrimination and differentiation.”

Akasagarbha Bodhisattva knows and has proven that all buddhadharma is within the cosmic space… Holding Precious Torch Bodhisattva brings brightness wherever he goes because he holds the illuminating wisdom (the prajna light) of the Buddha… Precious Courage Bodhisattva is fearless and courageous because he embodies the light of wisdom… [and] Precious View Bodhisattva can see all the dharma treasures and prajna lights of the tathagatas.”

Ever-Miserable Bodhisattva suffers because sentient beings suffer… a bodhisattva who starts and completes good deeds with joy is called the Root of Joy Bodhisattva… The King of Joy Bodhisattva practices equanimity. He helps people with and without affinity, and he helps those he doesn’t like. He gives without asking for anything in return… [Debating Sound Bodhisattva] is exceptional in speaking dharma as he understands Buddhist principles and knows all kinds of dharma. He can teach with eloquence and without any hindrances answer any questions asked. He masters the four kinds of debates and the eight kinds of sounds—called the unhindered dharma.”

「一生一咒」800萬遍上師心咒活動,從今年師尊的佛誕日正式啟動,請參加者到TBSN官網以下鏈接登記資料: 每持滿十萬遍上師心咒者,宗委會將把名單呈給師尊加持。每持滿一百萬遍者,將列名護摩法會功德主,資料請師尊主壇護摩法會時下護摩爐。