...And ever generous to all in giving dharma wealth.
You can discern all dharma phenomena,
Stay unmoved amid the ultimate truth, and
Have self-mastery in all situations.
Thus, we pay homage to this dharma king!
You speak about existence and non-existence,
Everything arises due to causes and conditions,
There are no subject, no conception, and no object.
Only karma is ever present—good or bad...

...The one with vast pure eyes like a deep blue lotus,
And pure mind transcending all meditations,
With infinite pure karma accumulated since long ago,
You guide beings to nirvana; to you we pay homage!
We witnessed Great Holiness’ miraculous power
In manifesting the infinite lands of the ten directions,
Wherein them, all the buddhas are teaching dharma.
Hereby, we personally saw and heard!
The dharma king has unsurpassed dharma power,
And ever generous to all in giving dharma wealth...

"To explain pure eyes, I need to first talk about the five kinds of eyes a buddha has: physical eyes, divine eyes, dharma eyes, wisdom eyes, and buddha eyes..."

"He manifested such great transcendent power to let all attendees of the dharma ceremony back then witness the suns, the moons, the stars, the celestial palaces, the dragon palaces, all the palaces, all the heavens and their lords, all the buddhaverses, and all the buddhas of the ten directions to appear within the precious parasol."

"In ancient India, a great dharma teacher or a mahasiddha would always have a parasol above their head while giving dharma teachings... This symbolizes their attainments or accomplishments."

2024真佛宗為世界祈福 高王經千遍迴向師尊