“The sutra speaks about the true reality—the absence of phenomena… Anything that changes is not true reality because Absolute Reality never changes.”

“…as a spiritual cultivator, you want to discard, you want to discard everything. Every day, you would throw away the garbage in your mind. Once you empty your garbage, you will become pure. Gradually, you would get rid of your afflictions, hindrances, habitual tendencies, greed, anger, delusions, doubt, and pride until they are completely gone. One by one, you will empty yourself… Only after everything has been emptied would you be one with the Dao…”

“…the Tathagata said that all phenomena are non-phenomena… Everything will pass and everything will disappear… sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and everything is momentary. Whatever you see, whatever situation that you encounter, whatever realm you are in, they are all transient. They only exist for a very short period of time and will eventually pass.”

“...like what Jesus said, “Do not let the left hand know the good deeds done by the right hand.” You do not keep it in mind… Do not dwell on the idea that you want to do good deeds… Just do it! Once you do it, forget about it. Do it, forget it.”

“... endurance paramita—the highest kind of endurance—is not endurance paramita. It is because one holds no notion of self. If there is no self, who is there to endure?
“… Both Sakyamuni Buddha and Jesus Christ have equally mastered the endurance paramita. It was when Sakyamuni Buddha was dismembered by King Kalinga and when Jesus was crucified. They were truly remarkable.”

“… the Buddha explains that these appearances do not really exist! I do not exist, you do not exist, they do not exist. When sentient beings learn about this notion of the non-existence of everything, they would become bewildered, and even frightened.”

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