"...As Buddhist practitioners, we are in the samadhi of non-contention! Diligent! We must be diligent."

“...World-honored One, if I think that ‘I have attained arhatship,’ the World-honored One will not say that Subhuti is the bliss aranya! Because Subhuti has not done anything, therefore Subhuti is referred to as a bliss aranya.”...

"...she had soft bone syndrome or achondroplasia since birth. She could not speak, could not move at all, and could only open her eyes to look at her mother. Her skin was fair, and her eyes were very beautiful and exuded wisdom.

"Since my divine eyes were opened at that time, I looked into her eyes with my divine eyes. I realized that she was a sage, a once-returner, a second level arhat, a sakadagami... she needed to come back to the world one last time. Upon her return to mankind, in order to maintain her former purity and precepts, she found benefactors with good affinities to protect her while living in the human realm..."

“...The Buddha asked, “Subhuti, what do you think? Can a stream-enterer think this way: ‘I have attained the fruition of a stream-enterer?’”...”

"...There are three kinds of giving: the first kind is giving wealth or money to generate merit, such as filling the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds with the seven precious jewels for charity. The second is giving dharma, speaking on the dharma or teaching dharma to people. This is sharing buddhadharma to others as an act of giving. Its merit is better than the merit of giving money. The third kind is giving fearlessly. What does that mean? It involves equality in giving and forsaking. Only a bodhisattva gives equally.

"...Jesus also gave fearlessly, and he has the spirit of a bodhisattva..."

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