"...There is buddhadharma on earth, but is there buddhadharma on the moon?..."

“...What is not non-dharma? Generosity is buddhadharma, but buddhadharma is not generosity. To say this is right. To say that buddhadharma is generosity is wrong. [By the same logic, we say that] not non-dharma is buddhadharma is wrong. Not non-dharma seems like buddhadharma but it is not buddhadharma. Buddhadharma itself is too vast to explain…”

Seven—Nothing Gained, Nothing Spoken
“Subhuti, what do you think? Does the Tathagata attain anuttara samyaksambodhi? Does the Tathagata speak on the dharma?”
Subhuti replied, “In my understanding of the meaning of the Buddha’s teaching, there is no fixed dharma called anuttara samyaksambodhi, and there is no fixed dharma spoken by the Tathagata. Why? Because all teachings of the Tathagata cannot be held and cannot be spoken. They are not dharma, and they are not non-dharma. Therefore, all sages are distinguished by effortless motiveless dharma.”

“...When you comprehend the buddhadharma, you understand that there is nothing to gain, and your mind will be at peace. You still love your children, but everything depends on themselves; this also applies for grandchildren. It’s not being heartless. I want to deliver them and guide them onto the path, but it also depends on their affinities. At the moment, they are still attached to worldly things, grasping at everything mundane, they do not comprehend nothing gained, nothing spoken…”

“...What is non-dharma? The non-dharma being mentioned here refers to things such as fengshui consultation. That is non-dharma because it will not allow you to be reborn in the pureland. Likewise, purifications and helping others to eradicate calamities; fortune-telling, even if it’s accurate, does not result in a rebirth in the pureland. Mastery of numerology and astrology cannot give you a rebirth in the pureland either. These are all non-dharma, as emphasized by Sakyamuni Buddha. They are not the true buddhadharma!...”

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