“…the notion of the non-phenomena of self, others, sentient beings, and lifespan is indeed extremely rare. Only Sakyamuni Buddha would make such a statement, no other religious founders have ever done so.”

"World-honored One, it is easy for me to believe, comprehend, accept, and uphold this sutra immediately upon hearing it."

“…pure faith involves practice. It is of utmost importance! Faith is pure only when it is put into practice… By applying the non-view of self, non-view of others, non-view of sentient beings, and non-view of lifespan! Only then would it be true purity. Simply believing in the buddhas is not it, as this is only superficial… by having pure faith, one reaches unhindered boundlessness throughout the three times across all ten directions.”

“Subhuti said that he had attained his wisdom eyes long ago, yet he had never heard of such a deep sutra before. Vajra Sutra is indeed a very deep, profound sutra. Why is it profound? Why did he say that the Vajra Sutra is very profound?”

“Subhuti understood its profundity upon hearing this sutra and was moved to tears.”

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