"...To hold the view of dharma… What is dharma? In this case, “dharma” refers to the mountains, the rivers, the great earth, everything really. If you think that everything exists, you “hold” the view of dharma. If you do not think that they exist, you “hold” the view of non-dharma. In both cases, you still attach yourself to self, others, sentient beings and lifespan; you are attached to phenomena..."

"...People in this world are attached to appearances, forms or phenomena. People in the world don’t have the right faith. Why? Because they are attached to appearances, forms or phenomena. Look at the young unmarried men these days. All of them want to marry beautiful wives. Is there anyone who wants to marry an ugly one? Ugly women cannot find marriage partners. They all want beautiful wives but not ugly ones because they are still attached to appearances. Whether they are ugly or beautiful, they are all non-appearances. They are all aggregates of the earth, water, fire and wind elements..."

"...So which Sheng-yen Lu is Sheng-yen Lu? The new-born Sheng-yen Lu? The child Sheng-yen Lu? The youth Sheng-yen Lu? The middle-aged Sheng-yen Lu? The primed-aged Sheng-yen Lu? The now old-aged Sheng-yen Lu? They are all different. This is non-appearance.

Is there any kind of appearance that can truly be maintained and stay unchanged? We will talk about it later in the Vajra Sutra. Any appearance is an aggregate. What is an aggregate? It is a composite, an amalgam, a union. What types of aggregates? It is an aggregate of the earth, water, fire and wind elements. Houses are aggregates, cars are aggregates, everything and all things are aggregates. Everything..."

"...This is an act of giving without dwelling on form. Merit, nor non-dwelling on merit, should not be talked about. However, Sakyamuni Buddha has said this kind of merit is unimaginable. Therefore, the old landlord is very wealthy in each of his lifetimes. He asked for nothing in return; he did not ask to go to heaven or to become a god. But in each lifetime, he will be rich and healthy for innumerable kalpas..."

"...when a bodhisattva performs acts of giving without dwelling on form, his merit and virtue is likewise immeasurable. Subhuti, the bodhisattvas should abide this way..."

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