Date: 17 September 2023 

Location: Rainbow Temple, North Bend, WA, USA. 

Golden Mother with Infinite Hands and Eyes (萬佛手無極眼瑤池金母 Wàn fó shǒu wú jí yǎn yáo chí jīn mǔ homa ceremony presided over by His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-sheng, and English interpretation of his Dharma discourse comprising a Question and Answer segment “Interaction is Power” and detailed exposition on the Vimalakirti Sutra.   


List of quick links to the English translated text of H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s Dharma discourse on the Vimalakirti Sutra:

高王經千遍迴向師尊 瑤池金母心咒