Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

《Seattle LSCTT News》A reunion under the full moon. Mahasri descends and bestows spiritual consultation foretelling world events.

With the approaching evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a bright, clear, and cool moon appeared in the skies over Seattle. The full moon not only reminded everyone of their loved ones at home but also marked an occasion for a joyful reunion. As in previous years, disciples from around the world returned to the founding temple to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Grandmaster and Shimu. After dinner on that very evening, all the disciples were in high spirits, performing joyfully for the Buddha and engendering endless rounds of applause and laughter. Although the autumn night was cool and crisp, the cozy atmosphere showed how happy the big True Buddha family is.

After a brief rest, Grandmaster and Shimu arrived at the main hall of the founding temple around 8:30 pm. The Divine Table Spiritual Consultation, long anticipated by all, then commenced. Grandmaster began by drawing arrows and fixing paper signs indicating ''yes'' and ''no'' on the left and right sides of a round rotatable table. Grandmaster purified the divine table by making circles over the table with burning joss paper and reciting the purification mantra. He then recited the mantra of the Six Periods of the Day Gods to invoke the god generals and their troops. The divine table began to rotate gently as Grandmaster chanted ''Spirits of heaven, spirits of earth, come forward on this 15th day of the 8th lunar month.'' Disciples gasped in amazement and gave a warm round of applause when Grandmaster announced that Mahasri had descended. Some disciples asked Mahasri about affairs of specific countries while other disciples were concerned about economic trends in various regions. As for the disciples, many of whom had traveled from overseas, some cheered with delight while others just moaned. Indeed, there will always be laughter and tears; some families are happy while others are worried.

When the divine table readings for world events came to an end, Master Lianzhe (蓮者) from New York took over and gave spiritual consultation for the personal questions of disciples. Afterwards, on a moonlit night with only a light breeze, everyone savored mooncakes which had been specially prepared by Grandmaster and Shimu.

A life like this, a Mid-Autumn Festival evening with a divinity descending and having fun together with Grandmaster and Shimu, what more could one ask for!

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