Oct. 1, 2017, Key Points of Living Buddha Lian-sheng's Discourse at Vajravarahi Homa Ceremony

Oct. 1, 2017, Key Points of Living Buddha Lian-sheng's Discourse at Vajravarahi Homa Ceremony

Key Points of Discourse:

1. Grandmaster introduced the origin of his lineage in the Nyingma, Gelug, Sakya and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
2. Vajravarahi is the principal deity of Inner Fire Meditation. Grandmaster introduced the Dharma-character, mantra, mudra, and visualization of Vajravarahi.

3. The key formula for igniting the inner fire can only be transmitted to cultivators who have witnessed the appearance of smoke during meditation.
4. Grandmaster briefly introduced the key formula for igniting the inner fire: the Six Furnace Mudra; fastening oneself in a restraining belt; squeezing, pressing, exerting; rhythmic breathing; and visualization of inner fire burning.

5. Grandmaster briefly explained the key formula of the vase breathing exercise as non-leakage and opening the central channel and five chakras.
6. Authentic supernatural power will only manifest when one opens the five chakras.

7. Lamdre Teaching I: Grandmaster plants the seed of buddhadharma in everyone by giving a discourse. There will be a day when this seed sprouts, leading to the attainment of buddhahood.
8. Lamdre Teaching II: Once the seed is planted, buddhahood is attained through the expedient means of the physical body. Cultivation will be more difficult for those who are hermaphrodites or disabled because, lacking expedient means of body, they are unable to engage a Karmamudra.

9. Grandmaster called on disciples to use wisdom in assessing whether someone is driven by desire to enlarge their territory. Who is demanding money? Who has forfeited the lineage? From the very beginning, Grandmaster has warned and reminded his disciples about this type person.
10. Grandmaster once intended to bestow acharya empowerment on Rev. Liankai but Rev. Liankai indicated that she would need to ''consult her master'' (meaning XX.) It turned out that XX advised Rev. Liankai that ''the time was not right to receive acharya empowerment.'' Both XX and Rev. Liankai violated the precepts.

11. The True Buddha Vajrayana dharma is perfect and complete. A Padmakumara will have a simple lifestyle, be pure, innocent, warm-hearted, and playful. Then and only then can one be considered a Padmakumara.

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