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On Sunday, Aug. 13, 2023, 3:00 PM, at Rainbow Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Dragon-riding White Jambhala Homa Ceremony, discourse Vimalakirti Sutra, and bestow empowerment for Dragon-riding White Jambhala Uncommon Practice. (Live Webcast Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLl20r-KQlapX_5fT-N3cOw )

【Dragon-riding White Jambhala Mudra :】

Open the palms facing outward. Bend the ring fingers and press them with the thumbs while keeping the other fingers straight. Hold the mudra in front of the chest.

【Seed Syllable :】


【Dragon-riding White Jambhala Mantra :】

【Dragon-riding White Jambhala Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】
White Jambhala is depicted with a white body, one face, two arms, three eyes, and red hair. He wears a small Five-buddha Crown. Short and strong with a big belly, he rides a green dragon. He holds a khatvanga in his right arm, a wish-fulfilling staff in his right hand, and either a cloth sack or treasure in his left hand. He is surrounded by the four dakinis of east, south, west, and north. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, who is his origin, is above him.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Precious Dharma Discourse - Dragon-riding White Jambhala Cultivation Merits and Key Formula】
The mandala is of utmost importance in the Practice of Dragon-riding White Jambhala. This fortune deity, called Jambhala, is white in color. The Yellow Fortune God is also called Jambhala. Dragon-riding White Jambhala is a deity who resides in one of the crystal palaces located halfway up Mt. Meru in the heavens of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Dragon-riding White Jambhala likes to bathe. Therefore, when making offerings to this deity, one should include seven bowls of slippery water (bathing water). What is slippery water? It is made from a cup of water mixed with soap powder. What is slippery water used for? It is used to bathe deities. Bathing is Dragon-riding White Jambhala's favorite activity. Therefore, one must prepare seven bowls of slippery water for his altar. In addition, one should include seven crystals on his shrine. These are the two primary offerings. Other offerings can be made after making these two offerings.

To cultivate the Practice of Dragon-riding White Jambhala, one must enshrine a statue of Dragon-riding White Jambhala. Prepare a round table that matches one's stature. Place a white or silver dish in the center of the round table. Enshrine the Dragon-riding White Jambhala in the center of the silver dish. Surround the statue with seven cups of bathing water and place a crystal between each of the seven cups. The crystals should be triangular, that is, shaped like a pyramid. White Jambhala lives in a crystal palace in a snowy mountain. He is completely white in color. Triangular crystals are used to symbolize his crystal palace. Crystals have the quality of magnetism.

Additional offerings required for this white fortune god include ''two whites and three sweets.'' Stir fried flour and milk are the two whites. White sugar, rock candy, and honey are the three sweets.

The mandala of Dragon-riding White Jambhala should be arranged as follows: The deity is in the center of a white plate which is in the center of a round table. The height of the round table should closely match one's stature. The deity is surrounded by seven cups of bathing water within the plate. Triangular crystals are placed between the cups. Arrange flour, milk, white sugar, rock candy, and honey on the round table. One may then arrange the five offerings of incense, flowers, lamps, tea, and fruit. The seven or eight standard offerings are also acceptable. The arrangement of those five, seven or eight offerings is as usual.

When visualizing, one forms the Dragon-riding White Jambhala Mudra which is the Flicking Water Mudra, that is, one flicks and taps the bathing water with the mudra. The key element of the visualization is the water offering; visualize the water transforming into a dragon, a green dragon emerging from the water. When performing the bathing, one visualizes the water as a green dragon in the void spewing water to bathe White Jambhala. This is how one performs the visualization.

This cultivation is quite extraordinary. The mudra is formed by curling the ring finger against the thumb. Tap the bathing water with the mudra. Then, one taps oneself with the bathing water before bathing White Jambhala by flicking the bathing water at White Jambhala. This symbolizes bathing the deity. Since there are seven cups of bathing water, one flicks the water at the deity a total of seven times, one flick from each cup. With each flick of water, one recites the deity's mantra one time. The deity's mantra is ''Om, bei-ma, zhuo-da, ah-li-ya, jum-ba-la, sha-da-ya, hum-pei.'' This is the Bathing Mantra.

After one finishes the Practice of Dragon-riding White Jambhala, one forms the Flicking Water Mudra with both hands, then taps one's mouth with the water on the mudra as if ingesting the water. This symbolizes that wealth is not lost to outsiders. One taps the water on one's mouth one time, then flicks the water to invite White Jambhala to bathe. Afterwards, do not discard the seven cups of bathing water. Flick the water throughout one's residence.

When flicking the water after one has finished the practice, one first visualizes inviting Dragon-riding White Jambhala to bathe followed by visualizing the water transforming into wealth. Visualize piles of NT$2000 bills and US$100 bills falling from the sky, filling one's house. This is how one cultivates the Practice of White Jambhala, a deity who brings abundant wealth and good fortune. While flicking, one may visualize gold bars falling from the sky, one after another, filling one's house. One becomes the master of a house full of gold. When flicking the water, whether USD or NTD, one visualizes not just one bill, but a whole pile of bills. Be particularly careful when visualizing gold bars. Do not visualize them falling from above one's head, or one will be crushed. Visualize the gold falling at a distance. One should flick the water everywhere.

White Jambala Praise Verse:
''Seeing sentient beings impoverished and suffering,
Reincarnating to save them while shedding tears of sorrow,
A precious body white as a snowy mountain
Surrounded by dakinis of the four directions
Holy deity who protects and supports with wealth and good fortune
I now take refuge and pay homage''
One should know to praise White Jambhala in this way.

One dedicates the merit as follows:
''Great Holy Red Crown Master
Bless the descending White Jambhala
So wealth and auspiciousness may be bestowed
On we the infinite sentient beings.''
This is the dedication.

Because Avalokitesvara is the origin of White Jambhala, that is, White Jambhala originated from Avalokitesvara, if one recites the Avalokitesvara Mantra 100,000 times prior to cultivating the Practice of Dragon-riding White Jambhala, one will swiftly attain spiritual union with White Jambhala.

Reverend Liaoming transmitted the Practice of Dragon-riding White Jambhala to Grandmaster and instructed that the most important part of the practice is the bathing water. When cultivating this practice, prior to flicking water to bathe the Dragon-riding White Jambhala, one should tap the bathing water with the mudra and lick the water on the mudra. Licking the water increases the vital energy (qi) of wealth. That is, the vital energy of wealth and good fortune in one's body will be increased. After cultivating this practice, one's superior will see one very favorably, consider one's work outstanding, and raise one's salary. When one's vital energy of wealth and good fortune is increased, one's business will also go more smoothly.

Never throw out the bathing water offered to Dragon-riding White Jambhala. One should instead collect the water. Following is a secret practice transmitted by Reverend Liaoming. Prepare a white-colored wash bowl which is large enough to write all the numbers inside it. After filling the bowl with the bathing water, one cultivates seven or 49 sessions of the Practice of Dragon-riding White Jambhala. After receiving the response of Dragon-riding White Jambhala actually descending, one floats a wooden board on the surface of the water. Fix a white candle to the board with soft wax, then light the candle.

After one has completed seven sessions of the Practice of Dragon-riding White Jambhala, one prays to the deity in ordinary speech as follows: ''I pray for spiritual response, the most magnificent response of Snowy Mountain Dragon-riding White Jambhala descending. I Pray for the protection and support of White Jambhala's spiritual light. May I undertake charity with the fortune bestowed.''

One prays with an utmost sincere and humble heart. When the deity descends, the candle flame will get brighter. The wooden board will move either right or left until it reaches the first number. Write the number down then move the board back to the center of the bowl. Pray again for the second, third, and fourth numbers. The wooden board will move on its own. The water with the candle floating on it is the bathing water which was offered to White Jambhala. The wooden board will move. If one wants six numbers, pray six times. The wash bowl, wooden board, and candle should be new. The candle must have never been lighted or used. One must, of course, pray sincerely.

Practice for Using Bathing Water to Collect from Debtors: What can one do when debtors don't pay their debts? One can use the bathing water and pray. As in the previously described practice, use the bathing water and pray for Dragon-riding White Jambhala to descend and give his blessing, so that, upon encountering the debtor, one will be able to collect the debt from such and such debtor who lives at such and such address. This is a method to collect debts. After praying, pour some of the bathing water in a cup and take it to the debtor. Think of a way to make the debtor drink the water. Once the debtor ingests the water, the Dragon-riding White Jambhala will enter the debtor's heart. The debtor's honest and virtuous nature will then manifest.

Practice for Finding Treasure with Bathing Water: Find a stalk of green bamboo and cut it to a length that is a multiple of seven. A multiple of seven symbolizes the largest number. Tie a piece of white cloth around the top of the green bamboo. Wet the white cloth with the bathing water. One then prays to Dragon-riding White Jambhala for help in finding a treasure. One walks around while holding the green bamboo stalk tied with a white cloth wet with the bathing water. One's hand will tingle when coming upon a treasure. The treasure will be located where one receives magnetic response. This is a method to find a treasure.

This is not the only kind of treasure to be found. In Tibet, it is said there is cave Dharma treasure. What is cave Dharma treasure? It is the treasure of precious Vajrayana teachings hidden by ancient patriarchs in caves, water, fire, wind, and earth. To find cave Dharma treasure, one can use the previously described method of praying to Snowy Mountain Dragon-riding White Jambhala.

"Vajrayana White Jambhala Practice", Living Buddha Lian-sheng Book 57, Legend of Tao

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