Grand Master Lian-Sheng stately and radiantly arrived at Dharmakaya True Buddha Temple (法身雷藏寺) to co

On February 21, 2010, Grand Master, the Living Buddha Lian-Sheng was invited devoutly by Dharma Instructor Shih Lian-Shih (釋蓮史法師) to Dharmakaya True Buddha Temple in Taoyuen County of Taiwan to conduct an enshrinement ceremony which concluded auspiciously satisfactory.
Dharmakaya True Buddha Temple is located amid an exotic landscape in San-ming Village of Fu-xing
Township in Taoyuen County, surrounded by mountainous plateaus and embellished by blobs of reddish cherry blossoms in the midst of dense and greenish forest shrubs and trees giving rise to exuberant vibrancy. Some two thousand plus fellow devotees and missionaries bustled about in the venue of the assembly.
Devotees from the nearby Dharma-Vessel Chapter and Vast-Bliss Chapter also volunteered to lend support, together with numerous voluntary fellow devotees came along to help out, and thereby facilitating the setup and preparatory work of the Dharma Assembly more efficiently.

Grand Master, His Holiness Lian-Sheng stately arrived at Dharmakaya True Buddha Temple at about 2:00 p.m. At first, Dharma Instructor Lian-Shih (釋蓮史法師) orderly guided fellow devotees in sequential order to make Haddha scarf and flower offerings to Grand Master. This Dharmakaya True Buddha Temple has widely established rapport with the locals since the time it had been built. Among the special VIP guests were the Four Noble Aunties from California of U.S.A. and Village-Mayor and Village-Executive of San-Ming Village. The Dharma Assembly was vibrantly bustling.

On completion of the enshrinement ceremony, Dharma Instructor Shih Lian-Shih delivered a formal address in which he said that in the long and enduring course of building and instituting the Dharmakaya True Buddha Temple, numerous difficult challenges had to be met; he has learned through experience that dharma cultivation of oneself is not limited to any locale; one has to constantly retrospect one`s own action. Dharma Instructor Shih Lian-Shih humorously exemplified cultivation of oneself by proper protocol between husband and wife: 「seek dharma and voided of dharma; self and without self; devoid of body; devoid of mind; devoid of character; and, devoid of dharma」, whereby meritorious virtues acquired from dharma cultivation of oneself can be substantiated.

Grand Master also personally presented a wisdom of aphorism in Chinese calligraphy for the temple upon completing the enshrinement and sanctification rituals. Thereupon, Grand Master mounted the Dharma Throne and began to deliver a dharma oration: He outspokenly admired Dharma Instructor Shi Lian-Shi for being able to establish Dharmakaya True Buddha Temple from ground up. Grand Master humorously correlated proper husband-wife protocol, as an analogy, with self cultivation in Buddha-Dharma.

Grand Master further said that regardless of whether the worldly affairs are good or not, one should be able to maintain equanimity and self-composure in the face of adversities, and thereby incur spiritual merits. Self-cultivation is, in essence, correcting his or her own behavior; the aspirant should constantly retrospect his or her actions and practice repentance. Before the aspirant retires to bed, she/he should reflect on whether or not the Five Basic Precepts were strictly abided by during the day. One ought not to commit lying, stealing, (and sexual misconduct, intoxication and killing); if no Precept is breached, then the aspirant may go to sleep. This is called progressive-endeavor.

Grand Master`s progressive endeavor consists in cultivating conscientiously on a daily basis, and never slacken in delivering sentient beings and in propagating the Dharma. Grand Master began His routine practice onboard as soon as He boarded the High-Speed Rail Train early in the morning (in Taiwan). Although Grand Master has reached full enlightenment per se, He still practices and cultivates conscientiously daily. As long as Grand Master has a moment to spare, He would consider how to go about redeeming sentient beings and propagate the Dharma; all the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas can bear testimony to this end.

Throughout His lifetime through the present, Grand Master has been braving multitudes of obstacles and setbacks, which came along wave upon wave. Sakyamuni Buddha also had to face multitudes of challenging obstacles along the way. Inasmuch as Grand Master has attained the self-less state and maintained a firm stand on steadfast and unwavering endeavor, He has been complaint-less and unregretful of His magnanimous grace.

Grand Master explained, as long as the aspirant comprehends the Way or Dao and the Buddha-Nature, one can take up and spare every temporal thing or matter in this world, and thereby merges with the Way or Dao. Grand Master encouraged all disciples to reaffirm his/her faith upon taking spiritual refuge (in True Buddha School or Grand Master); in spite of whichever path of spiritual discipline the aspirant undertakes, as long as he/she maintains a firm stand on steadfast practice and a faithful mind, Buddhahood shall be within reach.

Sakyamuni realized the true Buddha Nature under a boddhi tree and so has Grand Master realized the true Buddha Nature; all challenging obstacles will come along inevitably without cessation. The aspirant must not retrogress in the face of the obstacles. Buddha-Dharma is supremely invaluable. Grand Master has been able to realize the true Buddha Nature and so can everybody else; as long as the aspirant keeps a steadfast faith, attainment of Buddhahood is imminent. Grand Master quoted two lines from The Diamond Sutra, which go: ``No existence of self, person, sentient being and soul``「無我相、人相、眾生相、壽者相」 and ``All the outward phenomena are like dreams, illusions, bubbles and shadows`` 「一切有為法,如夢幻泡影」.

Everyone is to try to fathom the First Tenet. If one is able to discern its profound significance through meditation, then he/she has reached enlightenment. Thereafter, one would put into practice what he/she has learned through enlightenment and thereby realizes the Buddha Nature.

Lastly, Grand Master bestowed blessings on this Temple rendering it to be prosperous and splendid. Grand Master also encouraged Dharma Instructor Lian-Shih to widely redeem multitudes of sentient beings and looks forward to see him coming to Seattle, U.S.A. on conditional futurity. By then, Grand Master shall meritoriously sanction him.
At the venue, Grand Master imparted the empowerment of The Summation of Yogas of the Golden Mother of Jade Pond and of Mariji Boddhisattva Principal Deity Yoga.

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