The Mid-Autumn Festival Divine Table Spiritual Consultation

《Seattle LSCTT News》 Divine Table Spiritual Consultation Foretells World Events
Enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival with delightful flowers under a perfect moon

The Mid-Autumn Festival, held on a cold and crisp autumn evening under a full moon, was an occasion for people to gather together. This was especially true for all the disciples who had travelled to Seattle from overseas and were excited to be spending the annual Mid-Autumn Festival with Grand Master and Shimu. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival was different from that of last year. Notably, the sky, blessed by the the Lord of Heaven, was cloudless and clear, thus granting everyone a rare sighting of the astronomical wonder of a total lunar eclipse, also known as the ''Blood Moon. ''

Many thanks to Grand Master and Shimu for returning to the founding temple after presiding over a homa ceremony at Rainbow Temple to preside over the ''Divine Table Spiritual Consultation Event.'' For the many disciples who had come from overseas, this was their first participation in such an event and everyone was excited and full of expectation.

As the full moon appeared, the crowd gathered to attentively watch the Divine Table Spiritual Consultation Event. After the Divine Table was purified with burning joss paper and blessed by Grandmaster, the small, round divine table began to gently rotate on its own. As a result, everyone could not help but sing out praises in awe at their profound amazement. Many disciples were very concerned over the economic trends of their home country, whereas others were concerned about possible natural calamities or man-made disasters.

Everyone enthusiastically raised their concerns or questions to Grand Master who then helped all fellow disciples seek answers from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas by interpreting the rotations of the Divine Table.

At the scene, one could hear cries of delight and applause; at other times, one could hear the sound of mournful sighing. It indeed is ''None but the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.'' Along with the divine table readings, per Grand Master's direction, Master Lianzhe from New York also patiently performed spiritual consultation for the personal questions of disciples.

In addition, Grand Master and Shimu prepared delicious mooncakes for everyone to enjoy under the bright moonlight. This year's Mid-Autumn festival in Seattle came to perfect closure in everyone's enjoyment of sweet mooncakes under the radiance of the full moon and the warm, unified atmosphere of Grand Master, Shimu and the founding temple.

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