May 10, 2020: Rainbow Temple,

May 10, 2020: Rainbow Temple, "Heart-to-Heart with the Buddha" series

On May 10, 2020, Grandmaster presided over the homa ceremony of the Tiger-Head Vajra at Rainbow Temple.

This day was also Mother’s Day. So, when Grandmaster and Shimu arrived at Rainbow Temple, volunteers were already on hand at the entrance to present a beautiful bouquet of flowers to Shimu. After lunch, Rainbow Temple also presented a Mother’s Day cake to Shimu to celebrate this special day with her. May all mothers have a great Mother's Day!

After the homa ceremony, Grandmaster and Shimu proceeded to the Main Hall, whereupon everyone sang a song to Shimu, "Mom's the best in the whole world!", in appreciation of how much Shimu has helped True Buddha School all these years. Next, when the song, "Flower Woman", streamed out from the PA system, Grandmaster performed a set of majestic Vajra Fists to bless everyone. There was a palpable sense of energy emanating from each and every move.

Around dinner time, Grandmaster discoursed on what he would usually do when delivering sentient beings. He would visualize all nether beings gathering together on a gigantic dharma ship that looks like an aircraft carrier; on the ship, the flags would indicate, "Deliverance to the Western Pureland". This ship would be steered in the direction of the Pureland. The nether beings would look like little black dots, and they would occupy the deck of the 'aircraft carrier' in full capacity.

One could not help but recall what happened the day before (May 9, 2020): After the dharma discourse after 9pm, the doors and walls of True Buddha Tantric Quarters were found to be full of crawling, black mosquito-like bugs. They were like dense, moving black dots. Many dharma personnel were around to see this phenomenon. There were no such insects at the True Buddha Foundation and other neighboring houses!

These insects could be likened to the countless nether beings waiting for Grandmaster to perform deliverance on them. This was indeed a spiritual response!

Grandmaster’s powers in deliverance is limitless, for it can reach the Ten Dharma Realms. The nether beings are even more aware of the infinite powers of the Buddha, and hence, in this instance, they had come to seek deliverance. Grandmaster and Shimu were full of awe upon seeing the black crawling insects. They have never seen such a phenomenon before, despite residing at True Buddha Tantric Quarters for so long.

On the subject of the global spread of COVID-19, Grandmaster could not help but remark that in his 76 years of life, this is the first time he has seen such a serious plague. The coronavirus has a devastating impact on global economy, health and lives.

Filled with boundless compassion to alleviate the sufferings of sentient beings, Grandmaster has been tirelessly harnessing the powers of the homa to burn away sentient beings' karmic sins. Grandmaster uses the powers of the Dharma to bless everyone. In these trying times, let’s face the plague together in solidarity. We will surely see light again with Grandmaster’s protection and help.

Let's place our palms together to pay homage to our Root Guru.

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