Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Practice

True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Noble Guanyin (Arye Avalokitesvara)

On Sunday, Feb. 24, 2024, 2:00 PM, at Rainbow Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Grand Spring Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Practice Homa Ceremony, and bestow empowerment for Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Practice. (Live Webcast Link:

【Noble Guanyin Mudra (Number-One Mudra) :】

Interlace the fingers inward with the right thumb pointing upwards.

【Noble Guanyin Seed Syllable :】

Seh (Yellow in color, emitting great yellow light)

【Noble Guanyin Mantra :】
”Om, ma-ni-pad-me-hum, da-zha-bu-ze, gu-ru-ye, so-ha.” (108 times)

【Noble Guanyin Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】
Noble Guanyin has two arms and a golden body that is light yellow in color. She holds a lotus in her left hand, with the thumb and ring finger of her right hand forming a circle. The other three fingers are standing up vertically.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk - Noble Guanyin Background and Key Cultivation Formula】

The True Buddha School (TBS) originated the Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Uncommon Practice. It is therefore an uncommon practice of TBS.

Key Formula for Cultivating Noble Guanyin: Mantra, Mudra, Offering, and Dedication
Inexhaustible Gold, Silver, and Other Treasures, Five Grains, Five-Colored Silk Cloth
The Mudra of Noble Guanyin Interlace fingers inwardly
The Thumb of the Right Hand Points Straight up
The Number One Mudra on Earth All Wealth Deities Must Obey Her Commands
The key point of the practice is the mudra of Noble Guanyin. Her hands form “number one." Her mudra is formed like this: Interlace fingers inwardly. The thumb of the right hand points straight up. When one forms the mudra of Noble Guanyin, all Fortune Deities must obey one’s commands. As you can see, the shape of the mudra Noble Guanyin forms is “number one in the world”--everyone can understand this “number one in the world” mudra.

Attain Spiritual Union with Noble Guanyin’s Bodhicitta
One Becomes the World’s Wealthiest Person
There are two meanings to cultivating the Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Practice. The first meaning is that you will obtain the greatest riches in heaven, that is, you attain Buddhahood or become a bodhisattva. This is the greatest riches. By cultivating this dharma, you will become the richest person on earth; in the brief span of a human lifetime in the saha world, you will become the world’s richest person.

The Wealthiest Person on Earth Mudra Can Command Wealth Gods on Earth
Noble Guanyin’s mudra is the mudra of the wealthiest person on earth. This “mudra” can command all the wealth gods to assist you!

To obtain this wealth, take note of several important points: First, Noble Guanyin’s mudra. Her thumb points upward as in “number one." Her mudra is different and very special. This is the mudra of Noble Guanyin. As you can see by looking at Noble Guanyin, she is forming the “number one” mudra.

Mantra: “Om, ma-ni-pad-me-hum, da-zha-bu-ze, gu-ru-ye, so-ha.”
The second important point is her mantra. Noble Guanyin’s mantra is “Om, ma-ni-pad-me-hum, da-zha-bu-ze, gu-ru-ye, so-ha.” In a moment,we will broadcast the mantra. This mantra is the mantra of Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person in the World. It is pronounced “Om, ma-ni-pad-me-hum, da-zha-bu-ze, gu-ru-ye, so-ha.”

What is the meaning of “da-zha-bu-ze, gu-ru-ye, so-ha”? “Gu-ru-ye” means “number one." “Da-zha-bu-ze” means “enormous accumulation," great and unsurpassed wealth. “So-ha” signifies perfect fulfillment of one’s wishes. “Om, ma-ni-pad-me-hum” is Noble Guanyin. The meaning of the mantra is “Enormous unsurpassed wealth to fulfill your wishes."

Om, ma-ni-pad-me-hum, da-zha-bu-ze, gu-ru-ye, so-ha” is the second key formula. You must recite this mantra. Let me tell you: Regardless of how many times you recite the mantra, as long as you attain spiritual union with Noble Guanyin, you will attain great wealth in this lifetime. How wealthy will you be? You will always have money to spend, will never be out of money, and spend as much as you wish.

Where Does Money Come From? From the Lottery!
If you cultivate this practice, where will the money come from? From winning the lottery, and continuously winning lottery prizes!

Offerings: Five Treasures, Five-Colored Silk Cloth, and Five Grains Five Treasures: Gold, Silver, Pearls, Precious Stones, and Crystal
Where does the money come from? When one cultivates the Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Practice, one’s wealth in heaven and short-term wealth in the human realm will both be enhanced.

We now have the key cultivation formulas: the mantra, the mudra, and finally, the offering, which is very important. One does not offer just any ordinary thing. To make the offering, you must offer three plates of very special things. The offering is very important.

The first offering plate holds “five treasures." (from his Dharma throne, Grandmaster holds up a five-treasure offering plate). This plate holds five treasures. (Grandmaster holds up a kilo of gold) This is a kilo of real gold.

Gold, silver, pearls, precious stones, and crystal are the five-treasure offerings. Offering a kilo of gold is, of course, beyond the capability of most people. One can offer gold leaf instead. The first offering is the five treasures.

The second offering is “five-colored silk cloth." five-colored silk cloth, either silk or silk cloth is acceptable, the most expensive cloth. The five-colored silk cloth should be folded like this (from his Dharma throne, Grandmaster holds up an offering of five-colored silk cloth). This should be on your second offering plate.

On the third plate, one should offer “five grains." Does everyone know what the five grains are? (From his Dharma seat, Grandmaster holds up an offering of five grains.) Rice, barley, wheat, beans, sesame seeds, these are the five grains. These are the five kinds of food we humans eat. These three offerings are different from each other. One offers five treasures, five-colored silk cloth, and five grains.

Dedication: Inexhaustible Gold, Silver and Other Treasures; More Five Grains Than you Can Eat; More five-Colored Silk Cloth Than You Can Wear
The essential element of this practice is dedication. How does one dedicate? While making the offering, one visualizes infinite five Treasures, gold, silver, and other treasures that are inexhaustible. While dedicating, one must recite: “Inexhaustible gold, silver, and other treasures to use, inexhaustible amount of five grains to eat, inexhaustible amount of five-colored silk cloth to wear.” If having exhaustible gold, silver and other treasures is not being the world’s richest person, then what is? Inexhaustible gold, silver, and other treasures is like digging into a gold mine. One will have more gold and silver than one could ever use, more food than one could ever eat, more clothes than one could wear. Noble Guanyin will bestow on one an inexhaustible supply of food and clothing. One will have so much gold, silver, and other treasures one could never use it up. This already includes all. During one’s lifetime, gold, silver, and other treasures will be inexhaustible, clothing will be inexhaustible, and there will be more five grains than one can eat. If that isn’t the world’s wealthiest person, then what is?

Therefore, these three offerings are completely unique from others. They are not just flowers, incense, lamps, tea, and fruit. Additionally, the offering must have five Treasures, five-colored silk cloth, and five grains. These three offerings are unique, and the dedication is also unique. When finished cultivating the Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Practice and ready to dedicate, the most important point is that one will have unlimited gold, silver, and treasures to spend, unlimited five-grains to eat, and unlimited silk garments to wear. With just unlimited gold, silver, and treasures, one already can obtain unlimited houses, land, and other things. If you don’t attain it in this lifetime, you will in your next lifetime.

Key Formula for Cultivating Noble Guanyin: Mantra, Mudra, Offering, and Dedication
The three most important cultivation formulas are: mantra, mudra, and offering with dedication of merit. One dedicates the merit of the offering, and one must dedicate the merit of the three offerings. I will tell you the key points: one is mantra, one is mudra, and one is offering. The cultivation ritual of this practice is exactly the same as that of other personal deities. When cultivating Noble Guanyin, there is the “blessing of three lights” which is performed in the same way as the Guanyin Personal Deity Practice, except the mantras are different, the mudras are different, and the offering of three items is a different kind of offering. This is the most important secret. Also, the dedication of merit is different. 

Upon attaining spiritual union with Noble Guanyin, one has accomplished the practice and becomes the world’s wealthiest person.

The upcoming empowerment is very important. When receiving the empowerment, one should form the “Number One in the World” mudra to command all the wealth gods in the world to assist one. It would indeed be strange if you didn’t get rich when you are helped by all the wealth gods in the world! Come and participate in the ceremony. Stop coming to me with a sad face because you don’t have any money. Where does money come from? Where does the wind come from? It comes from cultivating the Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Practice. If one does not accomplish the wealthiest person in this lifetime, if one really doesn’t, then one will succeed in one’s next lifetime. (Audience applause.) As long as one registers for the ceremony, one will have a share. This is different! The mudra is different, the offering is different, and the mantra is different. “Da-zha-bu-ze, gu-ru-ye, so-ha.” “Om, ma-ni-pad-me-hum” is Noble Guanyin.

Cultivate Noble Guanyin Practice Attain the Wealthiest Person in Heaven and Human Realm
The three most important elements are offering, mantra, and mudra, plus the cultivation of Noble Guanyin World’s Wealthiest-Person Practice. When one becomes the richest person in heaven, one has succeeded in attaining Buddhahood. When one receives spiritual union with the Wealthiest-Person Practice in the saha world, one then becomes the wealthiest person in the future saha world. Everyone here will be a tycoon. By cultivating this practice, one can attain Buddhahood, one can be the richest person, and in the future, one can extend one’s generosity to multitudes of sentient beings.

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Noble Guanyin Wealthiest-Person Practice
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If you have not received the empowerment for this practice, please do not read the sadhana.

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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Noble Guanyin Number-One Mudra

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