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True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Kurukulla

On Sunday, Jun. 30, 2024, 3:00 PM, at Rainbow Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Kurukulla Homa Ceremony, discourse <i>Vimalakirti Sutra</i>, and bestow empowerment for the Kurukulla Uncommon Practice and Kurukulle Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana. (Live Webcast Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLl20r-KQlapX_5fT-N3cOw)

【Kurukulla Mudra :】

Place palms together with the ring fingers hooked to each other.

【Kurukulla Seed Syllable :】

Chuli (red in color)

【Kurukulla Mantra :】
「om。gu-lu-gu-lie。 chu-li。 so-ha。」

【Kurukulla Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana Heart Mantra】
「om。gu-lu-gu-lie。 chu-li。so-ha。
om。gu-lu-gu-lie。chu-li。 so-ha。
(Kurukullas above)
xia-fang-gu-lu-gu-lie-fo-mu 。
(Kurukullas below)
(Kurukullas in the eight directions)
【Kurukulla Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】
Kurukulla, with one face and three eyes, wears a Kuru crown of skulls. She is young, beautiful, and red in color. Her smile is wrathful. Her upper torso is adorned with a red celestial garment while her lower torso is fitted with a tiger skin skirt. Her chest is ornamented with rubies and her body radiates red jewel light.

Kurukulla has four arms. Her first right hand holds an arrow made of utpala flowers. The second right hand holds a hook made from the stem of an utpala. Her first left hand holds an utpala-stemmed bow. The second left hand holds an utpala-stemmed lasso. Kurukulla stands on Mahesvara and Mahesvara's consort atop a moon disc. She is surrounded by an aura of light.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Discourse - Kurukulla Background and Key Cultivation Formula】
The origin of Kurukulla is Amitabha. She is a goddess of love in Tibet and India and has an alternate name of ''Zuoming Buddha Mother.'' ''Zuoming'' means Kurukulla Practice is primarily karma practice. Kurukulla and Ragaraja are equally great deities of love and respect.

Members of the Kagyu Sect of Tibetan Vajrayana often take Kurukulla as their secret personal deity. Their practice of Kurukulla is uncommon and esoteric. It is said that many highly accomplished practitioners had taken Kurukulla as their principal deity and attained Buddhahood in their lifetime as a result. Guru Thubten Dargye also took Kurukulla as his principal deity.

The power of Kurukulla is extraordinary. She is a magnificent bodhisattava who transcends the world. The greatness of Kurukulla lies in her potent power of magnetization. Those who cultivate Kurukulla Dharma will become greatly accomplished. Whatever they undertake will succeed and flourish on a large scale. Hence, Kurukulla is a highly significant and important deity.

Because she has the ability to brighten sentient beings with radiant light, she is also called Zuoming Buddha Mother. She increases the light and radiance of one's body, the brightness of whatever affairs one may undertake, the illumination of one's political standing, and the brilliance of one's success and accomplishments.

Kurukulla is red because her origin is Amitabha. Her heart mantra is ''om。gu-lu-gu-lie。 chu-li。 so-ha.'' In the mantra, ''chu-li'' signifies that Kurukulla originates from Amitabha.

In addition to holding a lasso and a hook, Kurukulla holds a bow and arrow just like Cupid in Greek mythology.
Bow and Arrow: When one is hit by Kurukulla's arrow made of utpala flowers, one's mind will be full of adoration.
Lasso: The lasso is for one to cast out and tightly binds the other party. If the other party is someone that one likes, then it represents small scale of love and respect. If the other party is a group of people, it represents large scale of love and respect.
Hook: To hook someone. If one seeks better treatment from another person or one's superior at work, one can use the hook to hook them in. Once hooked, that person will treat you very, very well.

In addition to magnetizing romantic love between men and women, Kurukulla can also harmonize relations within families, at work, in society, and even between all sentient beings. Kurukulla has great authority and power and is highly respected. She also has the power of subjugation.

One can obtain great love and respect by practicing Kurukulla Dharma. If one is a politician, then one can be president and be admired by the people. If one is in the field of religion, one can undertake the path of Buddhism and become the founder of a sect. If in show business, one will have millions upon millions of fans. Whether one's undertakings are on the larger scale of a nation or society as a whole, or on the smaller scale of family harmony, love and marriage, career, etc. all one's undertakings will benefit from the power of tremendous love and respect. If one desires to become a leader, a president, or a king, practicing Kurukulla Dharma will enable one to attract all sentient beings and cause them to believe in, praise, elect, and advocate one.

Kurukulla is a Buddha Mother possessing great authority. One who practices the Kurukulla Sadhana will be reborn in the Kurukulla Pure Land which transcends the three realms. Her pure land is in a cave in rock. Therefore, by practicing the Kurukulla Sadhana, one is not only able to obtain the most precious things, but also to be transcendental, that is to be reborn in Kurukulla's pure land which is the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

【Kurukulla's Four Vows】
  1. The ''earth'' vow: To provide wealth for everyone.
    Everything comes from the earth. Not just plants and crops, but also houses and land originate from the earth. Therefore, Kurukulla's ''earth'' vow enables one to acquire abundant wealth.
  2. The ''Water'' vow: To eradicate calamities and cure illness and disease.
    Water has the power of purification. Kurukulla's ''water'' vow causes one's body to be detoxified and purified. All sicknesses of sentient beings are cleansed by water.
  3. The ''fire'' vow: To help sentient beings have perfect love and respect.
    Do you know why we humans adore a particular person? It's because of the fire produced in that person's heart, not the fighting or angry kind of fire, but the fire of desire. When desire arises, love and respect will also arise. When this ''red fire'' arises, it's like being drawn in by a magnet, resulting in love at first sight with no means of escape. This is ''fire energy'' and this is Kurukulla's ''fire'' vow.
  4. The ''wind'' vow: This is the power to subjugate.
    When one must subjugate an enemy or overcome a villainous person, one can chant ''Kurukulla'' 100,000 times and then blow a single puff of air at the person. The person will soon be in the North Pole. If one blows a puff of air at a person one dislikes, he or she will quickly be transferred elsewhere. If one has a bad relationship with one's supervisor, one can chant the Kurukulla Mantra then blow a puff of air at him. One will soon have a new supervisor who likes one!
The key cultivation formula for Kurukulla Practice is to arrange five red candles and five red flowers together when practicing. Kurukulla will manifest when you complete 600,000 recitations of her mantra, and all one's prayers and wishes will be granted.

【Kurukulla Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana】
The Twelve Heavens, the Twenty Heavens, the Twenty-eight Heavens, and the Heavens of the Ten Directions are all related to Kurukulla. The Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana represents the Kurukulla of Great Perfection, that is, when Kurukulla shoots arrows in the ten directions, she never misses. So, after practicing the Kurukulla Buddha Mother Ten Direction Arrow Shooting Sadhana, one must pray to ''Kurukulla Buddha Mother above, Kurukulla Buddha Mother below, and Kurukullas in the eight directions.'' This constitutes ten directions altogether and guarantees there is no place that will be missed.

As long as one has the blessings of Kurukulla, one need only hold the bow and arrow and turn it in the eight directions. Wow! By turning the bow and arrow to the eight directions including backwards, then up and down, the effect will be tremendous. Up, down, and in all directions, people everywhere will simply adore and follow one. There will also be light. The arrow is red and radiates brilliant light. The light shines up and down and in eight directions throughout the world.

When one practices the Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana, arrows made of peach blossoms and smoke offerings of peach blossoms will flow everywhere throughout the ten directions. One's infinite, powerful charisma will affect anyone who is hit by the arrows one shoots. If one is unable to become president in this life, one will definitely become president in one's next life. Furthermore, in one's next life, one will be rich. Whatever one's undertakings or desires, whether for fame, status, or wealth, one will succeed. Kurukulla does not only possess arrows. She also has a hook capable of hooking everything one wishes for, and a lasso capable of binding and bringing in whatever one desires. All wishes will definitely come true. By practicing this Dharma, one will experience a trouble-free love life and a perfect marriage. One will gain the respect of one's superiors, colleagues, and all people, which is wide-ranging love and respect. This is the primary significance of the Kurukulla Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Practice.

Kurukulla Love and Respect Sadhana
The Mandala of Kurukulla Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana
Kurukulla Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana

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Kurukulle Love and Respect Sadhana

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The Mandala of Kurukulle Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana

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Kurukulle Ten-direction Arrow-shooting Sadhana

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Kurukulla Mudra

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Kurukulla Heart Mantra

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