"Respecting the Guru"

Chapter 17, Book 154 "The Aura of Wisdom",

by HH Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, Sheng-Yen Lu 

When I first studied Buddhism, I learned from many masters. I took refuge in Venerable Yinshun, Venerable Leguo, Venerable Daoan, Reverend Liaoming, Vajra Master Thubten Dargye, His Holiness the Sixteenth Gyalwa Karmapa, Vajra Master Sakya Zheng-kong, Vajra Master Pufang and others. 

I received my Bodhisattva Vows from the Masters of Precepts, Venerable Xiandun, Venerable Huisan, and Venerable Jueguang. I learned the recitation of sutra and the repentance ritual from Venerable Shanci and Venerable Shanglin. 

My invisible spiritual teachers are the Eminent Sanshan-Jiuhou and Padmasambhava. 

I am always prepared to serve my teachers, and I believe completely in the teachings they transmit. I shall always remember what they taught me and shall abide by their instructions without fail. 

Of course my teachers lectured me, but I never once talked back to them. I exercised tolerance, as I felt my teachers were giving me lessons on the Perfection of Patience. I have always been respectful to my teachers. 

I once took refuge in a vajra master (whose name is not listed here). His teachings and behavior had violated the  Buddhist precepts and Buddhadharma. My affinity with him was thus inadequate, and I decided to stay away from him. Still, I maintain my respect for him, and I will not criticize him, simply because he had once taught me. 

What I mean is that I am respectful to any teacher who has taught me at one time or another, and I shall always abide by their instructions. 

When Padmasambhava rode on his horse and ascended to the sky, he said, "Only those who honor the guru, treasure the dharma and practice diligently shall attain enlightenment." 

I have indeed lived up to this statement. I am aware that without the empowerment of a vajra master with lineage, it is absolutely impossible to gain accomplishment in Vajrayana cultivation.

Let me share this with you, "All accomplished Vajrayana adepts are respectful to their masters, and have attained spiritual resonance with them." 

Only a fool would believe that a person who is disrespectful to his guru is able to attain great accomplishment.

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