True Buddha Foundation related issue: All True Buddha Vajra Acharya Masters over 65 years old may ap

TBF Related Issue: Retirement

Vajra Acharya Masters submitting to the instructions of Grand Master, set forth to redeem extensively all sentient beings, propagate tirelessly teachings of True Buddha School throughout the world, and carrying out extraordinarily altruistic and magnanimous vows, and thus be revered by all!
For responsibility-charged Acharya missionaries of Dharma whose body is frail or infirm from old age, as well as those missionaries of Dharma who have surpassed the tether of their body from prolonged work of propagating Dharma teachings and not able to carry on anymore as a result, henceforth, will be relieved from missionary work of their own accord, including all those have past 65 years of age and those who have and have not been ordained as monks or nuns. They may write to the True Buddha Foundation committee to file for termination of their Vajra Acharya status. Upon termination, they do not have to take on the responsibility of propagation anymore; the ordained Vajra Acharyas may continue to wear their usual Vajra Acharya attire. But the secular Vajra Acharyas do not have to wear their usual Vajra Acharya attire and may rest at home indefinitely. However, those who have reached the age of 65 and are still energetic may choose to carry on their propagation of Dharma teachings at their own convenience.
To all senile Vajra Acharya Masters, for the wholehearted support and dedication to the Root Guru, upholding True Buddha School, redeeming and philanthropize sentient beings for the past decades, True Buddha Foundation Committee hereby expresses the deepest gratitude (to the senile Vajra Acharya Masters)!

Respectfully by Worldwide True Buddha Foundation Committee

高王經千遍迴向師尊 瑤池金母心咒