Updates on Grand Master`s upcoming journey on a Dharma propagation mission in Texas, U.S.A. (Novembe

Good news from True Buddha School! Under the great blessing empowerment of Grand Master and concerted efforts of numerous devotees and disciples, the construction of Triple Dharma Wheel Temple of Dallas, Texas of U.S.A. has finally been completed within the period of merely one year.

At the earnest supplication and request of Acharya Shi Lian-Zhen Master and numerous disciples and devotees of Texas, U.S.A., Grand Master, the True Buddha School Lineage Root Guru has finally and compassionately fulfilled their wish by consenting to set out on a journey to Texas visiting the temple regardless of hardship, and to turn the Wheel of Dharma.
Grand Master`s journey to Texas, U.S.A. on a Dharma-propagation mission is scheduled as follows:

(1) On Saturday, November 14, 2009, Grand Master will divinely visit the Triple Dharma Wheel Temple in Dallas city of Texas, U.S.A., to ritualistically found and sanctify the temple, as well as bestowing an exposition on the Dharma.
Date: November 14, 2009 (Saturday)
Address: 3004 W. Audie Murphy Pkwy.,Farmerville,TX 75442. U. S. A.
Telephone: 972-782-7587
Fax: 972-782-7656

The King of Dharma, Grand Master will bestow upon the attending followers the unique transmission and empowerment of ``Seven Great Empowerments of Kalachakra``, ``Kalachakra Vajrakila Practice``, ``Kalachakra Shield Practice``, and ``Nine Stages of Kalachakra Dhyana.`` These four empowerments are combined as one. Grand Master will also personally expound on the ``Significant signs at attaining fruition of Kalachakra Tantra Dharma.``

In addition, the King of Dharma, Grand Master will also bestow upon the attending followers the ``All-in-One Empowerment of Golden Mother of Jade Pond,`` which includes ``Principal Deity Practice``, ``Substitute Body Practice``, ``Water Offering Practice`` and ``Seven Great Health and Longevity Methods.``
For further details please refer to the website: www.kba-tx.org, and the contacting email address is: info@kba-tx.org

(2) On Sunday, November 14, 2009, Grand Master will divinely visit the Houston True Buddha Temple in Houston city of Texas state, U.S.A., to ritualistically found and sanctify the temple and bestow an exposition on the Dharma.
Grand Master will impart to the attending followers these unique empowerments: ``Padmasambhava Personal Deity Yoga`` and ``Lion-Faced Dakini or Simhamukha Dharma Practice.``
Grand Master will personally expound on the significant highlights in practicing ``Padmasambhava Personal Deity Yoga.``
Date: Novermber 15, 2009 (Sunday)
Address: 7734 Mary Bates Blvd., Houston,Tx 77036. U. S. A.
Telephone: 713-988-8822 Fax: 713-988-8488

All are encouraged to register proactively for the Dharma ceremonial assemblies and come forward to uphold and work together for this propitious venue. Let`s all share the bliss of Dharma together!

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