Proper Understanding and Usage of a Talisman

【True Buddha Foundation Dharma Affairs Announcement】TBF-DA Clarification Notice #1
Proper Understanding and Usage of a Talisman

Out of growing concern over the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, many disciples have written to inquire:
Whether the True Buddha School (TBS) has a talisman to counteract the coronavirus. If so,
is it possible to mass print the talisman?
How does one request the talisman? Can a TBS master bestow the talisman?

The True Buddha Foundation (TBF) responds as follows:
Regarding the epidemic prevention talisman discussed in HH Root Lineage Guru Dharma King Lian-sheng, Epidemic Prevention Talisman, in Book 42, The Ling Xian Rainbow Practice, this article states that taking one talisman per day will protect one from infection by a prevailing epidemic. Recently, Grandmaster further replied to an inquiry from disciples as follows: if already infected, one then takes one talisman per day; if taken as a preventive measure, the preventive effect of one talisman lasts for a month. The talisman can also be worn for prevention.
Note: Grandmaster previously discoursed that if every 15 days, one recites the Guru Mantra, cultivates the practice, and visualizes the radiance of the root guru, buddhas, and bodhisattvas shining on the talisman, a talisman one wears will be effective indefinitely.
Mass issuance of this talisman to the general public is not recommended because the one who draws a talisman must make wholehearted offerings, visualize, and supplicate the spiritual power of the lineage and of the principal deity to descend, and then draw the talisman with sincerity.
Prior to requesting a talisman, a sick person should seek medical treatment. In addition, the requestor must be an actual practitioner and well maintain personal hygiene for prevention.
Moreover, the paper on which the talisman is printed must be carefully inspected to ensure it is non-toxic. Without these safeguards, one should not drink the water filtered from the ashes of a burned talisman.
The TBF Reply Center is currently providing talismans as requested.
Before taking a talisman, one should sincerely follow the ritual steps. One should perform 1080 recitations of the Guru Mantra while visualizing Living Buddha Lian-sheng radiating light blessing the talisman, then burn the talisman, add water to the ashes, and drink the water filtered from the ashes. Disciples may also request a talisman from masters who have received empowerment for drawing it.
Again, TBF strongly advises that if one is sick, one must first seek medical attention at a hospital. Do not mistakenly think that instead of seeing a doctor when ill, one can just take a talisman! This is wrong thinking and actually superstitious. Failing to seek medical treatment from a doctor may delay or prevent recovery. Over reliance on a talisman while neglecting to seek qualified medical treatment, or even publicizing talisman treatment on the internet, may violate local laws and regulations governing health care. One may even incur legal liability if the violation is serious. Therefore, all those involved must be prudent and exercise caution.
Although TBS talismans are extraordinarily effective, Root Lineage Guru Dharma King Lian-sheng has emphasized time and again that if sick, one must first seek medical treatment from a doctor. This is the ''correct faith'' taught by Grandmaster. One should request a talisman only when medicine prescribed by one's doctor is not working.
TBF suggests that anyone contemplating a mass printing of the talisman for the purpose of forming a virtuous affinity mass print the image of the Tara Who Saves from Contagious Diseases instead. On the back of the printed image, one may print the Tara's mantra and welcome people to take refuge and receive empowerment. This kind of mass printing is as meaningful as mass printing the talisman. One can also wear the printed image and use it for visualization and mantra recitation. The merit will be infinite if one also participates in the Mantra Recitation of the Tara Who Saves from Contagious Diseases Event recently called for by TBF, and collectively dedicates the merit to eradicate this epidemic disaster.
Best Regards,
True Buddha Foundation
Feb. 17, 2020

Translated by the True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Jian Zhu
Editors: Henry Wolf, DJ Chang

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