Official Notice: a solemn declaration statement

True Buddha School is founded on a mission to vastly propagate tantric dharmas and guide multitude of sentient beings to self-cultivate in tantric practices in order to attain 「Enlightenment of the mind and discern the immanent Buddha nature within oneself, and attain self mastery over life and death 」

The sect stands on a set of fundamental principles that emphasizes the observance of Honoring the Master, Commitment to the Dharma and Cultivating Wholeheartedly. As with the last aspect ``Cultivating Wholeheartedly`` , one thereby may substantiate the validity of Buddha-dharma teachings.

The sect maintains that buddhahood can be attained by practicing with the use of the rational reasoning faculty, and not by superstition or domineering dogma.

The devotees that have taken refuge-initiation must rein in on their apparent behaviors: to refrain oneself from morally evil deeds and faithfully pursue a course of morally good actions. As for the inward behavior, one can practice tantric dharmas in sequential stages thereby negative karma of the body, mouth and mind may be eradicated.

A recent report on the public media alleged that someone was recruiting followers under the banner of True Buddha establishment named ``Der-Tsang Group Cultivation Chapter「德藏同修會」`` and raked in money unconscionably from and physically battered the followers among other illicit behaviors.

After an investigation, the chapter was found not officially authorized to function by True Buddha School. The chapter had previously applied for official membership with True Buddha School, but was denied sanction due to failure to meet the guideline set forth by True Buddha School.

If the report was ever verified as such, not only the chapter had committed deeds contrary to the moral code of Buddhism and contrary to the principles of True Buddha School, but also had violated the local criminal and/or civil law.

The case is currently being handled by judicial procedure and processed by the local judicial departmental office.

In the wake of this instance, to all the faithful Buddhism practitioners, please pay closer attention to the places one goes to (for worship) so as to avoid possible harms and even losing one`s own faithful perseverance in tantric dharma practice!

The Federation of Vajrayana of True Buddha School
September 8th of 2011

高王經千遍迴向師尊 瑤池金母心咒