Launching the True Buddha Cultivation Venue Excellence Plan

【True Buddha Foundation Announcement】
Launching the True Buddha Cultivation Venue Excellence Plan

TBF-RWD #0002

Pursue excellence and become a true buddha!
The True Buddha Foundation (TBF) is launching the True Buddha Cultivation Venue Excellence Plan to discover and commend outstanding True Buddha cultivation venues that are making significant contributions and can serve as models for other True Buddha School (TBS) venues to observe and learn from!

This plan has four goals:

  1. To encourage cultivation venues to develop a robust administrative organization.
  2. To provide high-quality venues for cultivating the True Buddha Dharma and learning the principles of Buddhism.
  3. To increase involvement with local communities.
  4. To establish a bridge of interaction between TBF and cultivation venues.
As cultivation venues strive toward the above-mentioned objectives, TBS will achieve the vision of sustainable operations.

TBF will appoint ombudsman masters of the Supervisory Department to hold seminars to explain the content of the plan to worldwide cultivation venues and how to participate in it.

Masters responsible for regional seminars:
Indonesia: Master Shi Lianfei(蓮飛) and Indonesia investigators.
Malaysia: The Federation of True Buddha School Malaysia and Malaysia investigators.
East Asia & Taiwan: Master Shi Lianou (蓮歐), Master Lianzhu (蓮主).
Singapore, South Asia (Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia): Master Shi Lianzu (蓮祖)
Australia, New Zealand: Master Shi Lianqi (蓮祈)
United States, Central America: Master Shi Lianwei (蓮衛)
Hong Kong, Canada: Master Lianhua Shaodong (少東)
Europe, South America: Master Shi Lianhua Huijun (慧君)

In the near future, ombudsman masters will contact cultivation venues within their regions to schedule a Zoom seminar. Cultivation venues are encouraged to closely cooperate with the plan and actively participate in the True Buddha Cultivation Venue Excellence Plan seminar.

Together, let’s help sentient beings have many excellent True Buddha cultivation venues!

Best Regards,
True Buddha Foundation
May 4, 2022

Translated by TBTTs
Translators: Angeline Oh
Editor: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang

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