2022 Lunar New Year Wealth God Invitation Q&A I

【True Buddha Foundation Dharma Affairs Announcement】
TBF-DA Announcement No. 6: Lunar New Year Wealth God Invitation
《Renyin Lunar New Year Wealth God Invitation》Q&A I

Q1: At the end of year 2022, may one enshrine Tiger Head Vajra on one’s own shrine?

Q2: If there is no room on one’s shrine for Tiger Head Vajra, what should one do with the statue?
A2: One may keep Tiger Head Vajra in the wealth corner of one’s home for protection.

Q3: After Tiger Head Vajra has been invited into one’s home and placed in the wealth corner, how should one pay homage to the deity?
A3: True Buddha School disciples may face the Tiger Head Vajra in the wealth corner and recite, “Om. Jinmu. Siddhi. Hum” 3 times. Non-True Buddha disciples may face the Tiger Head Vajra in the wealth corner and recite, “I respectfully pay homage to the wealth deity who has come to my home”.

Note 1: At the conclusion of 2022, when it is no longer possible to enshrine Tiger Head Vajra, one should respectfully address Tiger Head Vajra saying “Disciple is about to invite the 2023 wealth deity into my home. I am therefore sending off this year’s wealth deity, Tiger Head Vajra. I sincerely thank Tiger Head Vajra for your blessings and protection during the past year.” One may then take Tiger Head Vajra down from one’s wealth corner. According to Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s instructions on Dec. 10, 2021, one may put away the statue and command flag and treat them as mementos.
Note 2: Similarly to the practice described above, when taking down the mascot of 2021, Auspicious Grass, one should respectfully address as above. Afterwards, one may take down the grass and place it in flowing water or put it away to be kept as a memento.

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True Buddha Foundation
Dec. 13, 2021

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

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