Volunteers Needed to Lead Global English Group Cultivation

Edu-GP 20210045:Volunteers Needed to Lead Global English Group Cultivation Live on YouTube!Welcome to Join Us Soon!

Are you interested in leading "English group cultivation” ? True Buddha School (TBS) Global English Online Group Cultivation is looking forward to your participation as a member of our team to lead English speaking Dharma brothers and sisters to nurture good habits of daily practice.

The True Buddha Foundation Education Department is currently seeking volunteers to lead English group cultivation live on YouTube. By leading the group cultivation, one will fulfill a crucial role in spreading the True Buddha Tantric Dharma to English speakers around the globe (especially those who do not live near a cultivation venue). Your participation will help to promote the motto of "honor the guru, treasure the dharma, and practice diligently" among English speakers, serving a vital need for the TBS disciples and those interested in taking refuge.

While there is currently one team of volunteers who are leading English group practice on YouTube, we are seeking more teams to lead in other time slots, to maximize the participation of disciples in other parts of the globe.

The Education Dept. is looking for interested Dharma propagation personnel (masters, senior reverends, reverends, Dharma instructors, Dharma assistants, and directors of chapters), and Dharma brothers and sisters who are fluent in English, have taken refuge, have experience with practicing the Four Preliminaries (Vajrasattva Practice) and are familiar with the practice procedures. Each team (a minimum of 2 people) will take turns leading bi-monthly (each team member will ideally lead x2 times a month; other arrangements and frequencies are possible based on the number of volunteers available).

Volunteers must have access to the internet and a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Training in YouTube online streaming and support will be provided for volunteers.

We hope that dedicated volunteers will step forward with their support!

If interested, please contact Dharma Instructor Jackie Ho, jackieho@tbsn.org
for more information.

PS. You are welcome to recommend outstanding talents to participate in leading English group cultivation!

True Buddha Foundation Education Department

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