Violation of Discipline, Case of Tian Liling (Jinyi) (田莉菱(金衣))

True Buddha Foundation Announcement
TBF-Decl No. 0003
Violation of Discipline, Case of Tian Liling (Jinyi) (田莉菱(金衣))

The True Buddha Foundation (TBF) hereby issues the following solemn declaration concerning the misconduct of Tian Liling (also known as “Jinyi”) (田莉菱(金衣)), a TBS disciple but not a Dharma propagating personnel of TBS.


  1. In October 2014, Tian Liling, who associated with Fazheng Chapter in Malaysia, falsely claimed “Golden Mother issued a spiritual edict confirming that I am a Taishi, bestowed on me a Five-buddha Crown and gilded yellow-collared lama robes, and authorized me to hold Dharma ceremonies and bestow refuge empowerments on new disciples.” At the same time, she altered the content of the Root Guru’s answers to her spiritual consultations. In writing, she fabricated that Grandmaster validated the content and she publicly disseminated these altered spiritual consultations.

  2. On Jan. 20, 2015, TBF issued a formal letter advising Tian Liling not to use the title of Taishi in TBS venues, wear the outfit, hold Dharma ceremonies, wear a Five-buddha Crown, or bestow refuge empowerment on new disciples. The letter also advised Tian Liling that she must receive permission from her chapter prior to performing spiritual consultation. However, Tian Liling actually altered this letter by eliminating content that was not favorable to her. She then made the letter public and continued to openly deceive sentient beings.

  3. On Oct. 15, 2019, in response to complaints from fellow disciples about Tian Liling’s tampering with the written decree of the Guru Buddha and the TBF letter, the TBF Supervisory Department met face-to-face with Tian Liling at the TBF Seattle Office and asked her and her partner, Dharma Assistant Luo Kuntai, to rectify their misconduct. On the next day, Oct. 16, Tian Liling repented personally to Root Guru along with a letter of repentance as the evidence. The Root Guru compassionately forgave her mistakes, and said that as long as she had authorization from her chapter, she could continue to provide spiritual consultation to chapter members for the purpose of saving sentient beings. On Oct. 24, 2019, TBF issued a letter warning Tian Liling that if she made the same mistakes again, TBF will publicize her previous misconduct.

  4. At the end of 2019, her chapter filed another complaint that Tian Liling was suspected of posting in the chapter a letter issued by TBF which had been altered, in an attempt to continue deceiving sentient beings. Her bizarre behavior of impersonating gods and ghosts was harming the chapter’s image and severely disrupting management and administration of the chapter.
    An investigation determined that these accusations were true. TBF asked the Federation of True Buddha School Malaysia to send personnel to provide guidance to Tian Liling. When this proved ineffective, a letter was issued on May 19, 2020 informing Tian Liling that, effective immediately, she was prohibited from providing spiritual consultation or holding ceremonies at any TBS cultivation venue. Since Tian Liling’s partner, Dharma Assistant Luo Kuntai, was unable to dissuade Tian Liling (Golden Robe), and Tian refused to comply with the directive of her chapter’s Board of Directors, she was issued a warning.

  5. In March 2021, TBF received further complaints and determined that Tian Liling was still ignoring TBF’s corrections and advice, repeatedly making mistakes, and impenitent. She continued to engage in her bizarre activities impersonating gods and ghosts at TBS cultivation venues in Malaysia who weren’t aware of warnings concerning her behavior. She continued to receive the homage of disciples, and her misconduct was having a serious impact on the image and discipline of TBS.

TBF hereby issues the following declaration concerning the disruption-of-TBS-discipline case of Tian Liling:

  1. For the purpose of promoting her own fame and personal goals, Tian Liling engaged in a course of unscrupulous behavior by falsely claiming she is psychic and “enlightened” while actually she is not; deceived the Root Guru; tampered with Root Guru’s written content on spiritual consultation slips; altered the letter from TBF, and so forth. It is impossible that this kind of person could have spiritual union with Jade Pond Golden Mother or any other high level spirit.

  2. We are asking Tian Liling to immediately stop providing spiritual consultation or engaging in any other activity at TBS cultivation venues.

  3. Luo Kuntai (羅錕鈦) is a TBS Dharma propagating personnel who is unable to correct Tian Liling’s misconduct to righteousness. Instead, he has travelled widely to promote Tian Liling’s affairs. TBF warned him to no avail. Therefore, effective immediately, Luo Kuntai’s position as a TBS Dharma Assistant is revoked. It is hoped this will serve as an example to others.

  4. We are asking all TBS Dharma propagating personnel, principals of cultivation venues, and all disciples not to be deluded by Tian Liling, and to stop inviting Tian Liling to their cultivation venues to provide spiritual consultation and to stop cooperating with her in any of her activities. Otherwise, the minor consequence would be harming one’s own merit, whereas the major consequence would be harming sentient beings’ wisdom life, or even worse, sentient beings losing their wisdom life.

Best Regards
True Buddha Foundation
March 17, 2021

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