Fundraising for the Deadly Taiwan Earthquake Disaster

【True Buddha Foundation Announcement】Fundraising for the Deadly Taiwan Earthquake Disaster

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu personally recites ''The Disaster Relief Mantra.''
The Great Relief from Calamities Mantra: ''Ta-chi-zha-zha-la。ta-chi-lu-lou-li。 ma-ha-lu-lou-li。ah-la-mo-la。duo-la。so-ha。''

At 3:57am on Saturday, February 6th, 2016, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake shocked Taiwan. Energy released from this quake was equivalent to two atomic bombs; it was the most severe earthquake to hit the region in the past six years.

Tainan City was seriously damaged. Many buildings tilted over and collapsed. It was reported that many hundreds were trapped. And unfortunately some were reported dead or injured.

True Buddha School (TBS) Living Buddha Lian-sheng and the True Buddha Foundation (TBF) are very concerned about local conditions following this disaster. TBF is calling TBS disciples worldwide to sincerely chant the Great Rescue Mantra, ''Ta-chi-zha-zha-la。ta-chi-lu-lou-li。 ma-ha-lu-lou-li。ah-la-mo-la。duo-la。so-ha,'' to dedicate the merit to the victims, and pray for them to be delivered by buddhas and be reborn in the pure land... to also pray for the fast recovery of those injured and the rebuilding of their homes!
TBF also urges all disciples to consider the hunger of others as their own hunger and practice borderless compassion by extending a helping hand to victims in need. Your donation will also help save and relieve many stranded victims.

Please send donations in one of the two ways described below. Appropriation of the funds will be strictly followed by TBF.

1. To donate online via internet ( with a credit card, go to:

2. To donate via mail (make checks out to: ''True Buddha Foundation'') and mail them to:
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