Fundraising for Japan and Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Relief

【True Buddha Foundation Announcement】Fundraising for Japan and Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Relief

On 4/14 a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on the Richter scale hit Kumamoto, Japan. This earthquake was followed by earthquakes of magnitude 7.3 on 4/16 and magnitude 5.8 on 4/18. During this same period, Ecuador was also hit by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on 4/16.

According to news reports, 42 people perished and more than a thousand people were injured in the Kumamoto earthquake. Additionally, there has been widespread destruction of buildings, houses, roads, and bridges in the area of the earthquake. There are still many people reported missing in the landslide in Minamiaso.

In Ecuador, 272 people were reported killed and more than 2,000 people were injured in the earthquake, and reports of the number of people killed continue to go up. The disaster has been most serious around the province of Manabi. The cities of Manta, Puerto Viejo and Pedernales also reported serious earthquake damage. The entire country is a disaster area. Every part of the country reports damages.

Grandmaster has taught that ''When we experience the advent of impermanence and these tragedies of death and injury, we must respond with a heart of compassion and reach out to help.''

Grandmaster also said ''Buddhism teaches us to have boundless compassion and sympathy. Regardless of whether you have affinity or not, whether you know these people or not, Buddhism teaches us to reach out our hand to help, to see another's drowning as our own drowning, and to feel another's pain as our own pain.'' (Excerpted from Grandmaster's teaching in regards to the 921 earthquake in Taiwan.)

True Buddha Foundation is calling on all TBS disciples to follow Grandmaster's compassionate guidance by donating to disaster relief activities and reciting the Calamity Eradication mantra. Dedicate the mantra recitation merit to the deceased so they may overcome their feelings of terror and be reborn in the Western Pure Land of Utmost Bliss, to the injured so they may quickly recover, and to post-disaster relief efforts so that the work of reconstruction will be completed quickly!

Please send donations in one of the two ways described below. When making a donation, please note whether the funds are donated for the Japan disaster relief fund or the Ecuador disaster relief fund. TBF will strictly appropriate donated funds accordingly.

1. To donate online with a credit card via the internet (
for Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief fund, go to;
for Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Relief fund, go to

2. To donate via mail, make checks out to: ''True Buddha Foundation'' and mail to:
True Buddha Foundation
17110 NE 40th Court
Redmond, WA 98052, U.S.A
Tel: (425) 885-7573
Fax: (425) 883-2173

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April 18, 2016

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