Supplicate for Grandmaster's Health and Longevity!

【True Buddha Foundation Announcement】Supplicate for Grandmaster's health and longevity!

True Buddha Foundation (TBF) is calling for True Buddha School (TBS) cultivation venues worldwide and all TBS disciples to specially dedicate the merit of their dharma activities (such as group practices, ceremonies, sutra recitation, mantra chanting, etc.) to our Root Guru for his health and longevity, for continuously staying in the world to transmit the dharma, and for everything to be auspicious for him and for all his wishes to be fulfilled.

TBF is also calling for every disciple to participate in TBSN's Amitayus mantra chanting event. In this way we can protect our most beloved and respected Grandmaster with an extremely powerful blessing transformed from the collective and concentrated mind energy of disciples all over the world!

True Buddha Foundation
April 24, 2016

2024真佛宗為世界祈福 高王經千遍迴向師尊