TBS forbids Twin Body Yoga

Recently, some students of True Buddha School posed a very important question to the International True Buddha School Foundation. Taking a prudent approach, the foundation decided to consult Root Lineal Guru His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-sheng before making a definite reply. Through the publication of this announcement, the foundation endeavors to prevent True Buddha School disciples from being confused by the various misleading assertions on the subject, hence stray from the right path and fall into the deviant way. Disaster as such will bring about chaos in disciplinary matters and destroy the reputation of the school. Offenders shall eventually find themselves trapped in the Three Vicious Realms for eternity.

The disciple asked, `Can the masters of True Buddha School practice Twin-body Yoga?`

The foundation replied, `All students of True Buddha School, whether they be masters, instructors, reverends, lecturers, assistant instructors, heads of chapters, Dharma-propagators of various ranks or the ordinary disciples; whether they be ordained or laypersons; even though they have received the Second Empowerment and the empowerment for Non-leak Yoga, all are prohibited from practicing the Twin-body Yoga.`

True Buddha School strictly forbids the cultivation of Twin-body Yoga with a physical consort. Ancestry masters of Tantrism and our Root Guru have emphatically cautioned against this practice.

Reverend Padmasambhava warned future generations, `Practicing the `Desirous Bliss Meditative Stabilization` of the Twin-body Yoga is like `extracting a pearl from the mouth of a poisonous snake`. One will be condemned to the Vajra Hell if greed and lust arise.`

Subsequently, our Root Guru has openly stated that the Twin-body Yoga is an extremely difficult and dangerous cultivation method. If attempted by an unqualified person, the practice becomes not the swiftest way towards spiritual attainment, but a huge explosive that can blow one up into bits and pieces. The spiritual-cultivator will then fall into the Realm of Beasts for innumerable lives. Moreover, this practice is not acceptable by modern law and the moral standards of our society.

In view of the above, any True Buddha School Dharma-propagator who assigns himself a physical consort and willfully practices the Twin-body Yoga, will have his membership revoked.

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