【True Buddha Foundation Notification】- 2018/12/15

【True Buddha Foundation Notification】

Subject: True Buddha Foundation Announcement of Three Personnel (Cultivation Venue) Discipline Directives
《TBS Personnel Discipline Order 0006》
Yang Jingbo (楊敬博, Shi Lianfu,釋蓮拂) violated the lineage. Her master and nun status in the True Buddha School has therefore been revoked.
《TBS Personnel Discipline Order Order 0007》
Wang Jiarong (王嘉榮, Shi Lianshi, 釋蓮史) has relinquished precepts and resumed secular life.
《TBS Cultivation Venue Discipline Order 002》
Revoked the application of Fashen Temple.
《TBS Personnel Discipline Order 0008》
Wu Zhenyong's (吳振鏞, Shi Lianlong, 釋蓮龍) reverend and monk status in True Buddha School has been revoked.
In all the above cases, TBF imposed discipline based on the respective duties of the personnel involved. Each case was reviewed and confirmed by Supervisory Commission Member Department prior to final disposition. Announcement of personnel and cultivation venue orders is as follows.

Case Explanation:
Case I
TBS Personnel Discipline Order 0006
It was established and proven that Yang Jingbo (楊敬博, Shi Lianfu,釋蓮拂) seriously distorted the concept of upholding the TBS lineage and failed to understand the significance of sincerity in taking refuge. She disdained the teaching of the root guru and refused to accept the correction and guidance of TBF.

Accordingly, the following personnel directive is officially announced:
Effective immediately, the acharya status of Yang Jingbo (楊敬博, Shi Lianfu,釋蓮拂) in TBS is revoked,she no longer has status as a TBS nun, and her name has been struck from the TBS sangha. She is prohibited from engaging in dharma spreading activities as TBS personnel.
Yang Jingbo is requested to return the lineage robe bestowed on her by Grandmaster.
Yang Jingbo is advised to repent to the root guru, such repentance to be in writing which describes her mistakes in detail.
Case II
TBS Personnel Discipline Order Order 0007
It was established and proven that as of Nov. 18, 2018, Wang Jiarong (王嘉榮, Shi Lianshi, 釋蓮史) has relinquished precepts, resumed secular life, and voluntarily vacated his status as a TBS reverend.

Fashen Lei Tsang Temple, was operated by Wang Jiarong (王嘉榮, Shi Lianshi, 釋蓮史) while still pending approval by TBF, and was privately owned despite a written directive from TBF issued in 2012. The directive instructed that ownership of the temple and real property be registered in the name of the establishing organization. However, for six years from 2012 up to the present day, no effort was made to conform to this directive. Accordingly,during this six-year period, TBF never listed Fashen Lei Tsang Temple as a legal TBS cultivation venue.

According to information from the True Buddha School Vajrayana Association of R.O.C., on Aug. 16, 2010, while approval of the temple application by TBF was still pending, Fashen Lei Tsang Temple applied to the local government to register ''Taoyuan Provincial TBS Fashen Charitable Foundation.''This application was the the only action taken by Fashen Lei Tsang Temple. Action to register the temple itself was never undertaken.

Because the ''Taoyuan Provincial TBS Fashen Charitable Foundation'' established by Wang Jiarong is not a temple and has no connection with Lei Tsang Temple, a personnel and cultivation venue discipline order is announced as follows:
As of today, TBF revokes the status of Wang Jiarong (王嘉榮, Shi Lianshi, 釋蓮史) as an ordained monk and reverend of TBS. Wang Jiarong is advised to repent his mistakes to the root guru in person.
As of today, in the name of Grandmaster, TBF hereby revokes the name and usage of the name ''Fashen Lei Tsang Temple''. In addition, per administrative order, the application of Fashen Lei Tsang Temple is hereby cancelled.
As of today, Wang Jiarong (王嘉榮, Shi Lianshi, 釋蓮史) is prohibited from formally or informally establishing organizations in the name of TBS or referring to himself as a dharma spreading personnel of TBS.
Wang Jiarong (王嘉榮, Shi Lianshi, 釋蓮史) is advised to immediately change the name of ''Fashen Charitable Foundation''. To avoid violation of relevant trademark and copyright laws and eliminate unnecessary confusion, Wang Jiarong is hereby prohibited from using the names ''True Buddha School'', ''TBS'' or ''Fashen''.
Case III
TBS Personnel Discipline Order 0008
It was established and proven that,from Mar. 2016 to Sept. 2018, Wu Zhenyong (吳振鏞, Shi Lianlong, 釋蓮龍), did not follow the discipline and regulations concerning ''Suspension, Retreat, and Repentance'' issued by TBF. In addition, he refused to interact or cooperate with TBF.

The following personnel directive is hereby issued by public announcement:
As of today, Wu Zhenyong (吳振鏞, Shi Lianlong, 釋蓮龍) no longer has status as a monk in TBS, his reverend status is revoked, and his name is hereby struck from the TBS sangha. Should Wu Zhenyong wish to renew his status as a monk, he is advised to sincerely repent to Grandmaster. After re-submitting an application to be a monk, he may again request ordination from Grandmaster.

True Buddha Foundation
Dec. 15, 2018

「一生一咒」800萬遍上師心咒活動,從今年師尊的佛誕日正式啟動,請參加者到TBSN官網以下鏈接登記資料: 每持滿十萬遍上師心咒者,宗委會將把名單呈給師尊加持。每持滿一百萬遍者,將列名護摩法會功德主,資料請師尊主壇護摩法會時下護摩爐。