Official Launch of True Buddha Foundation Rewards System Proposal Forum

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The True Buddha Foundation (TBF) has officially launched a Rewards System Proposal Forum! The Rewards System which will be set up by the forums is intended to identify and reward outstanding members of the Dharma propagation team, as well as promote them as role models. This system is being established in accordance with the wishes of Living Buddha Lian-sheng to enhance the positive energy of the True Buddha School (TBS).

Taking into consideration the duties and responsibilities of each category of Dharma propagation personnel, five rewards system proposal forums have been opened as part of the design and planning process of this reward system. These forums are intended to customize proposals suitable to respective levels of Dharma propagation personnel and at the same time to allow participants to take part fairly and equally in making and discussing proposals.

The Rewards Forums have been divided into five categories as follows:
A forum for proposals and discussion by acharyas.
A forum for proposals and discussion by senior reverends and reverends.
A forum for proposals and discussion by Dharma Instructors and Dharma Assistants.
A forum for proposals and discussion by English speaking Dharma Instructors and Dharma Assistants.
A forum for proposals and discussion by Dharma propagation personnel.
The Rewards Forums will operate from April 15 to July 31 (approximately 3½ months.) We wish to express our gratitude to Master Lianhua Shaodong (蓮花少東), Reverends Liandeng (蓮灯) and Lianwu (蓮唔), and Dharma Assistants Lianhua Ajack (艾杰), Lianhua Carol and Lianhua Danwei (丹薇) for taking time from their busy schedules to assist with promotion of the TBF Rewards Forum system. They were of particular assistance in the rewards system planning process by assuming the role of moderator or deputy moderator in the Rewards Forums.

The Supervisory Commission Member Department will collect and organize proposals presented at the forums and submit them to the Core Committee for preliminary review. The Supervisory Commission will undertake further consultation with the Audit Board and then seek final approval from Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng.

Upon approval, the rewards program will be incorporated into the TBF By-laws in the chapter on dharma propagation personnel. An official circular will be issued to all relevant parties and at the same time, the Supervisory Commission Member Department will begin a survey of reward candidates. Individual reward points will be recorded in the newly instituted online TBF Personnel System.

All Dharma propagation personnel are encouraged to support the long term interests of TBS by participating in the Rewards Forums. To ensure that the newly established rewards system will be complete and comprehensive, participants are kindly asked to openly and enthusiastically take part in making and discussing proposals.

Thank you for your participation! May you be blessed with immeasurable meritorious rewards!

TBF Supervisory Commission Member Department
April 15, 2019

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: DJ Chang and Henry Wolf

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