True Buddha Foundation Notice of Personnel Disciplinary Action


The True Buddha Foundation (TBF) has issued《TBS Personnel Disciplinary Order 0011》stating that, due to violation of precepts, formal disciplinary action was taken against a TBS acharya, namely, Shi Lianqin (釋蓮勤). Accordingly, Shi Lianqin has been demoted to the position of reverend and dismissed from acharya status for a period of two years.

This disciplinary judgment was made in accordance with TBF By-laws and has been finally reviewed by the Supervisory Commission Member Department. Formal notice of the action is hereby issued.

Details of Offence:

A formal investigation revealed that Shi Lianqin not only committed serious violations of True Buddha School (TBS) precepts for ordained monks, he also breached the Code of Conduct for Masters. It is therefore no longer appropriate for him to hold the position of acharya, which is the most senior position in dharma propagation.

During the investigation process, Shi Lianqin expressed remorse in writing to Grandmaster and TBF. He fully cooperated with the TBF investigation, and demonstrated willingness to accept the disciplinary and corrective actions recommended by TBF. Due to his positive and cooperative attitude during the investigation process, Shi Lianqin has been granted an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. His sincere repentance is reflected in the leniency of the recommended punishment.

The following directives are hereby issued:

  1. Effectively immediately, Shi Lianqin is relieved of acharya status for a period of two years. As for his role in Dharma propagation, he is hereby demoted to the position of reverend and shall be required to wear the robes of a reverend.
  2. During his two-year repentance period, Shi Lianqin shall be required to engage in a spiritual retreat and focus single-mindedly on spiritual cultivation. He shall only be permitted to attend the two major spring and fall grand ceremonies presided over by Grandmaster, and shall be required to wear the robes of a reverend during the entire two-year period of suspension.
  3. Effectively immediately, Shi Lianqin is required to report to Grandmaster and TBF every two months on the efforts he is making in his repentance practice and the lessons he has learned from this experience. During his period of repentance and retreat, he shall not violate any precepts of ordained monks whatsoever. When propagating the dharma to female disciples, he shall be required to maintain an appropriate distance. There will be severe punishment for any violation of precepts.
  4. At the completion of his two-year repentance period, TBF will evaluate whether Shi Lianqin has fully complied with the requirements of TBF and sincerely repented for his wrongdoings. If so, TBF may restore his position of Acharya.

True Buddha Foundation
May 4, 2019

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang

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