Green Tara Mantra Recitation
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Pray for Tara’s Great Compassion to Save Sentient Beings From Catastrophes

An Earnest Call to Tara With Millions of Mantra Recitations

To uphold the compassion of Living Buddha Lian-sheng, worldwide True Buddha School (TBS) masters, reverends, cultivation venues and disciples will once again unitedly recite the Green Tara Mantra to collect even greater and more powerful light energy. 

On September 5, during the Fall Amitabha Homa Ceremony presided over by Guru Buddha at the Rainbow Temple in Seattle, the merit of mantra recitation will be dedicated to the swift ending of the pandemic catastrophe and all natural disasters in the world.

Praying for the great blessing of the Guru Buddha, TBF is calling on masters, reverends, Dharma propagating personnel, cultivation venues, and all True Buddha disciples worldwide to unite and serve the Guru Buddha by turning the Dharma wheel of saving sentient beings.

Let’s all come together once again to collect even greater and more powerful energy to quickly relieve the pandemic and all other human catastrophes. 

May the world swiftly return to normalcy, and may everything be safe and auspicious.


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高王經千遍迴向師尊 瑤池金母心咒