Praying for Grandmaster Mahabala Heart Mantra Recitation Event
75,295,300Chant count

True Buddha Foundation initiates 2023 Praying for Grandmaster Event

April 20 - June 20

True Buddha disciples worldwide chant the Mahabala Heart Mantra and

dedicate the merit to Grandmaster’s health and well being.

Worldwide True Buddha disciples transform their deep love and prayers for Guru Buddha into Dharma offerings!

May Mahabala, by your glorious power, protect and bless Grandmaster:

May the lineage Dharma Protector bless the True Buddha

To subjugate the four maras and manifest glorious power 

With mighty strength of body and health

In high spirits and ever unhindered

Long abiding in the world

Perpetually turning the Dharma wheel  

Unceasing lineage transmission of Dharma

Mahabala Heart Mantra:Om, Ma-ha-ba-la-ya, so-ha.

Member Recitation Non-member Recitation
高王經千遍迴向師尊 瑤池金母心咒