True Dream Revelation


Time: August 15, 1992, 8:00 PM

Location: Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple in Seattle, WA, USA

Discoursed by: Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu

Audience: More than two thousand

Topic: Mahasri True Dream Revelation



I am talking about this subject because nowadays sentient beings are troubled by too many stressful situations. They are disturbed on a daily basis by issues such as marital conflict, career difficulties, worries about children, health concerns, partner quarrels, personal relationship struggles, lawsuits, etc.


In regard to cultivation, there are three levels of accomplishment:

  1. Highest Level Accomplishment: Realization of buddha nature, enlightenment, six supernatural abilities, and the Great Perfection.

  2. Mid-level Accomplishment: Invisibility, great bliss, unhindered, and immortality.

  3. Lower Level Accomplishment: Able to attract love and respect, enrichment, calamity eradication, and subjugation.

Vajrayana practitioners and worldly individuals alike must often face difficult decisions. However, when one is hesitant or indecisive there is a need for instruction and guidance from buddhas and bodhisattvas. Hence, I am transmitting the Mahasri Dream Revelation Practice.



Buy a five-colored thread from a market and purify it by ''passing the thread over a fire.''

Vajrayana practitioners should first abstain from food then purify themselves by taking a shower or bath.

Make offerings to Mahasri before her shrine.

Pray to Mahasri about one's question and for her to descend and give guidance in one's dream.


The key formula is as follows:


Timing of one's prayers is critical. Prayers must be made past dusk, right at the time lights need to be turned on or the exact moment the rice is completely cooked during dinner preparation.

Right at this moment get the five-colored thread and be in front of Mahasri on the altar.


Key Visualization

Visualize the right big toe of Mahasri moves three times consecutively. The big toe then emits great white light which shines on the five-colored thread held in the practitioner's hand.

Visualize clearly.


Chant the Mahasri mantra seven times. Tie a knot in the thread at the end of each mantra recitation. In total, seven knots will be tied. Mantra: ''Om, ma-ha-shi-li-ye, so-ha.''


Make a loop with the five-colored thread and wear it on the left arm.



Prayer Examples


Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu transmitted Mahasri Dream Revelation Practice to myself, True Buddha School disciple XXX. Today I have prepared offerings and wholeheartedly pray that the goddess will descend and provide direction and guidance in my dream.


This disciple sincerely invokes the goddess three times.


Recite Namo Mahasri Bodhisattva (3 times)


Disciple XXX is planning on marrying XXX. Please indicate in my dream whether the marriage will be auspicious or not.


Disciple XXX is planning on opening XXX restaurant. Please indicate in my dream if this will turn out auspiciously or not.


Disciple XXX is planning on cultivating Acala Practice. Please indicate in my dream what attainment I can reach through this practice.


Expand and apply these prayer examples according to one's needs.



Auspicious Dreams

Dreaming of buddha, dharma, sangha, principal deity, or bodhisattva, or dreams of climbing a mountain, riding an elephant, crossing a river, flying, acquiring fortune, obtaining cloth, deity blessing by putting a hand on disciple's crown, etc., are all auspicious dreams with ''go'' indication.


Inauspicious Dreams

Bitten by a dog or a snake, fighting with someone, chased by a killer, losing fortune, losing cloth, being naked, falling off a cliff, injured, collectors coming for debts, etc. are all inauspicious dreams with ''don't go'' indication.


Neither Auspicious Nor Inauspicious Dreams

The indication is ''outlook average.''



Key Practice Points

Choice of time.

The key formula of the visualization is especially important.

Mahasri's heart mantra is the short mantra. Mahasri also has a long mantra.

Chanting either mantra is acceptable.

Abstain from food and purify oneself by taking a shower or bath.

Offerings must be fresh and purified.


I, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu, honestly tell True Buddha School disciples that Mahasri Bodhisattva made a great vow in the past to definitely descend for any true practitioner who wholeheartedly invokes her and prays to her by following the key formula.


By tying the five-colored thread to the left arm on the night one performed this practice during the day, the dream one receives will be true. Just follow the practice and one will not go wrong.

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team

Translator: DJ Chang

Editor: Henry Wolf

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