My Vision of the Purification Hall

My vision:

During the new year holidays, a long line of people meandering for miles are awaiting purification at the Purification Hall.

Although there are a multitude of people within the Purification Hall, all is quiet.

A majestic and dignified monastic wearing the lama robes of the True Buddha School is performing purification for the people. A smiling Vajrasattva is upon the shrine. Offerings are piled as high as a mountain. The incense smoke rises in spirals.

In the hall, the 100 Syllable Mantra is chanted in a constant rhythm. While holding a purification broom in his hand, the monastic, facing the people who have come for purification, performs the purification ritual.

With the broom toward adults and children, males and females, the monastic sweeps their backs. (three times)

At the same time, the monastic recites, “First to sweep away afflictions. Second to sweep away bad luck. Third to sweep away karmic hindrances.” The monastic continues to recite, “May there be auspiciousness, all wishes fulfilled, good health, longevity, and good fortune.” The monastic recites the final, Om, bie-zha, sah-do, hum.” (Three times)

During the purification ritual, those receiving purification should place their palms together and also chant "Om, bie-zha, sah-do, hum."

Since this ritual is simple, it proceeds quickly. As a result, a seed of Buddhist affinity will be quickly planted in sentient beings.

With the blessing power of the Vajrasattva, the 100 Syllable Mantra, and the purification broom, the misfortune of sentient beings is swept away; old is replaced with new; calamities are eradicated. 

Worldly undertakings, romantic love, family, wealth, children, health, fame, and more are transformed from declining to prospering, from misfortune to auspiciousness, from evil to virtue, and from bad luck to good fortune. This is the best method for forming an affinity with buddha. This is also “learning to create destiny”. One’s destiny has thereby changed.


The key point is that Vajrasattva is the Dharma Prince of the Five Buddhas, the founder of Vajrayana, and the quintessence of the heart and mind of all buddhas.


Therefore, the deity’s mantra, the 100 Syllable Mantra, is truly incredible. Many Vajrayana disciples have recited the mantra one million, two million, three million times, or even more. One should recite the mantra at least 100,000 times.


A monastic, by reciting the mantra 100,000 times, has blessed the purification broom 100,000 times. This naturally generates magnificent Dharma power, and one will certainly be saved from disasters.


Everyone should know that by reciting the 100 syllable Mantra, if one is descending to a lower level, the recitation will stop the descent. One will never be reborn in the three evil realms. The mantra is absolute, profound, superior, and miraculous.


The 100 Syllable Mantra can not only broadly save sentient beings, but also absolve and purify their evil deeds, violations of precepts, bad habits, the two hindrances, and so forth.


I hope my vision will become reality, and that in the future, every sentient being will be purified.

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

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