The Conception of the Purification Hall

A disciple praised me with this verse:

The guru has purified and eradicated all defilements

Yet still says he is purifying himself

Although having attained ultimate realization and the original nature

He still claims to be studying the scriptures

While he has accomplished the development and completion stages 

He continues to stay in this world 

I kneel in homage at the feet

Of this great and incomparable guru

This verse triggered the idea of a Purification Hall.

On the path of True Buddha Tantric Dharma practice, all True Buddha disciples cultivate diligently. Unfortunately, they face many obstacles! Because of obstacles, many disciples become corrupt.

Therefore, I was inspired by the conception of a Purification Hall.

If disciples have committed transgressions and violated precepts such as external liberation, bodhicitta, samaya, five precepts, lay Bodhisattva vows, monk and nun vows…, these violations must all be purified through repentance. For this reason, it’s necessary to establish a Purification Hall.

Someone asked me, “What is the best personal deity for repentance and purification?


What is the mantra?”

“The 100 Syllable Mantra.”

I want to tell everyone that the 100 Syllable Mantra is the heart-essence of all the buddhas. It absolutely can purify all one’s precept violations, transgressions, and obstacles to attaining perfect enlightenment. The entirety of Vajrayana started from Vajrasattva, the Dharma prince of Five Buddhas. The benefits of accurately reciting the 100 Syllable Mantra 21 times are as follows:

Reciting the 100 Syllable Mantra

Clearly visualize the deity 

Sitting on a moon disc on a white lotus

Blessing transgressors

To commit no more transgressions.

Great adepts were taught this way

One should therefore cultivate accordingly and consistently.

By reciting the mantra 100,000 times

Purified body will manifest


My conception of the Purification Hall is as follows:

Temples, chapters, and cultivation associations should establish a separate Purification Hall where Vajrasattva is enshrined as the principal deity, either single-body or dual-body. Within the Purification Hall, there should be a purification broom to the left and right of the deity. The broom is an implement which symbolizes purification. Each broom should be clean and blessed by 100,000 recitations of the 100 Syllable Mantra. 

In the Purification Hall, ordained Sangha who have completed 100,000 recitations of the 100 Syllable Mantra may preside over the purification ritual.


Principal deity: Vajrasattva.

Mantra: 100 Syllable Mantra.

Purification implement: broom. (which has been blessed).

How to perform purification? Please continue to the next chapter.

Translated by TBTTs
Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang
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