Buddha Light of Yamantaka

On the afternoon of Sept. 17, 1995, we boarded a 4:40 pm CAAC flight from Xian to Guilin.

At around 5:35 pm a ''buddha light'' appeared outside the window on the left side of the plane.

I had previously seen buddhas or ''buddha lights,'' but usually I was the only one who could see them. Other people couldn't see a thing. But this time was different.

Traveling along the left side of the plane there was a large and intense orb of rainbow light that was shining very brightly. In the center of the rainbow light a vajra bodhisattva was clearly visible.

First one, then ten, one hundred, then finally all the passengers on the plane began talking about the light orb.

''Is this the refraction of light rays?''

''Is this a natural phenomenon?''

''Can it be a mirage?''

''Is it a manifestation of a bodhisattva?''

Some people have claimed that the pictures we have taken in the past that showed shining masses of light were ''photoshopped.'' But now the people could see with their own eyes a vajra bodhisattva light orb in a five-colored rainbow.
As everyone saw this, do you still disbelieve?

At around 5:50 pm the rainbow light suddenly vanished and no one saw it again. This beautiful light show that had gone on for more than ten minutes seemed just like a dream.

I have often thought that, as a Vajrayana practitioner, my personal deities and protector are constantly with me and follow me everywhere, never leaving me for an instant. As soon as I board a plane I immediately visualize my personal deities above the crown of my head and my protector surrounding me on all four sides.

With my hands I form a mudra secretly.

I firm it up by reciting the mantras of my personal deities and protector.

On this occasion, on the flight from Xian to Guilin, Guangxi, I visualized ''Yamantaka,'' formed the Yamantaka mudra, and chanted the Yamantaka mantra. I chanted the mantra for a long time without stopping.

I told everyone,

''On this trip to mainland China everyone was so fortunate. Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Vajra Protectors accompanied us the whole time. The entire trip was safe and peaceful without any calamities or difficulties. We should thank the Bodhisattvas and Vajra Protectors for this.''

I also told everyone,

''As I boarded the plane I invoked Yamantaka, formed his mudra and chanted his mantra continuously for a long time. Therefore, Yamantaka definitely came. At the same time, Yamantaka's mandala also appeared for everyone to see, which was truly wonderful.''

Hearing this, everyone joyously applauded.

When I was on the plane I saw the mandala of Yamantaka manifesting five colors, white, green, orange, blue and red.

There were also flames.

Generally speaking, this was a complete mandala of Yamantaka.

The white color in the center was the Vajra-Yamantaka.

The red color to the west was Amitabha-Yamantaka.

The blue color to the east was the Buddha-Yamantaka.

The purple color to the south was the Ratnasambhava-Yamantaka.

The green color to the north was the Karma-Yamantaka.

In the emptiness above there were three clusters. In the center were Vajradhara and the lineage patriarchs of Yamantaka. To the right were the three Mahasattvas Guanyin, Manjushri, and Vajrapani. To the left were Shakyamuni, Green Tara and White Tara.

The protectors were below. Six-armed Mahakala, four-armed Mahakala, Palden Lhamo, Longevity Buddha Mother, Vaiśravaṇa, and the five Vidyarajas.

While travelling by plane, I have seen the mandalas of vajra bodhisattvas not just once but countless times.

I have seen the mandala of ''Wrathful Guru Rinpoche'' in which Padmasambhava manifests his wrathful form.

He had one face, two arms, and three eyes. His body was dark blue with his mouth open revealing split teeth and a rolled-up tongue.

His red hair was standing straight up.

He was wearing a crown of five skulls with fifty human heads hanging around his neck. His right hand held a vajra sceptre, while his left hand caught a nine-footed iron scorpion.

His right foot was in a bent position, and the other was standing straight. They were trampling upon two demons.

In those days I happened to be cultivating ''Wrathful Guru Rinpoche'' and ''Vajrakilaya'' together and it was out of this affinity that they appeared outside my plane.

The next time I see a buddha light mandala I will show my gratitude and prostate.

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Henry Wolf
Translation Accuracy Editor: DJ Chang

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