A Smoke Spectacle

In the last article, I mentioned ''The Wonder of the Smoke Offering.'' In fact, I myself encountered something really incredible.

It happened during the Kalachakra Ceremony held at Jakarta, Indonesia. With incense in my hands I paid my most sincere homage to the Kalachakra shrine.
I concentrated my mind and chanted a poem:
Kalachakra Practice is the most wonderful and unique,
Incense held in hand shows wonder,
Spirits fly toward the west.
Paying sincere homage
I bow down my head

Thick clouds of Smoke
Sad grieving Heart
Looking forward to the arrival of Kalachakra
Causing Buddhists
To take refuge.

Right at that moment the smoke of the incense rose in spirals, aggregating naturally.
The smoke took form and became the head of Kalachakra.
Wearing a crown,
Two eyes,
A nose,
Mouth and ears.
This wrathful figure was identical to the Kalachakra of the thangka.
Someone snapped a photo.
In this photo Grand Master Lu was face to face with ''Kalachakra.'' Seeing this picture would cause anyone to have great faith in Grandmaster Lu and Kalachakra.
I invoked him and he came.
Kalachakra showed his face in the smoke of the incense.
During the ceremony, everyone received the joy of the Dharma, everyone experienced the taste of the Dharma, and everyone obtained the unique empowerment of Kalachakra.

What was most extraordinary was:
While offering the incense the smoke transformed into the shape of the Kalachakra, which was so incredible.
Also, during the empowerment:
There was a patient with an intravenous drip who had traveled here from a hospital. This patient had been bedridden for years and could not sit up.
This patient passed beneath the empowerment flags and all of a sudden he was able to stand up and walk by himself.
This caused quite a sensation.
It's really miraculous, it's really miraculous, it's really miraculous.

During the same Kalachakra empowerment, I was teaching ''the Vajra Chain of Kalachakra'' and there was another fantastic occurrence.
Another photo was taken by someone.
The picture showed strings of the bright lights in the stadium during the ceremony which were
just like ''the Vajra Chain of Kalachakra.'' This was another instance of spiritual union.
During Grandmaster Lu's Kalachakra ceremonies, many, many miraculous incidents have occurred causing living beings to stare with a fixed gaze at that which is indeed very subtle.
I said:
My entire life is replete with legends.
My entire life my name is not in vain.
My entire life is just completely beyond belief.
This life I have lived exists only in the heavens. It's never been heard of in the human world.


Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Yun Pennington
Henry Wolf and DJ Chang

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