Being ''Single-minded'' Is Most Important

Recalling my life, disasters have not been lacking. That I have gotten through them has a lot do with ''single-mindedly'' revering the ''High King Sutra.''

My obtaining the sutra, reciting the sutra, persuading others to chant it, chanting it myself, convincing others to print it, printing it myself, widely giving the sutra out to others, and personally seeing Avalokitesvara shows my great affinity for the sutra.

One of the sections of the True Buddha Tantric Dharma involves chanting the ''High King Sutra.'' I personally feel that ''single-minded'' recitation is of utmost importance. I acquired the sutra at a young age and have been chanting it up to my present age of 60. The only thought in my mind has been these two passages in the sutra: ''Enables one to be liberated from the suffering of birth and death, and liberates one from all toxic harms and anything that can poison one's mind.''

The appearance of High King Avalokitesvara is indeed magnificent. She wears a crown that has a mantra fringe on each side. Her face is as round as the full moon. She has the appearance of a buddha. She is dressed in celestial garments with multi-layered skirts, and is adorned with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. She stands upon a rainbow lotus. On her back are golden Sanskrit syllables. Immense radiance surrounds her, shining through the ten directions and three times.

The countless disasters I have faced in my lifetime include :
  1. A gangster planned an ambush to kill me (but the gangster died in a car accident first)
  2. A gangster chased me down to kill me (the situation resolved itself)
  3. Almost killed by a car (I fell to the ground without any injuries)
  4. Nearly killed by a machine (missed me by an inch)
  5. Attacked by media (I nearly committed suicide)
  6. Attacked by religious establishment (resolved one by one without getting killed)
  7. Framed (relieved one by one)
  8. Political persecution (a savior appeared)
  9. Trapped in a swamp (managed to climb out of it)
  10. Entrapped by evildoers (able to avoid the calamity)
  11. Oppressed by stubborn diseases (I was able to be liberated from them)
And more …

None of these disasters were insignificant. Each one was a matter of life and death. Even my own disciples tried to bury me alive. I chanted the ''High King Sutra'' day and night.

It has been no easy matter for me to survive to the age of 60, go on retreat at ''Leaf Lake,'' and write books.

I have always felt that ''single-mindedness'' is of the utmost importance. The buddhas also teach us to be ''single-minded.'' As long as one can remain ''single-minded,'' one will be able to accomplish everything. The fact is that the founder of the True Buddha School can himself do nothing at all. The only thing he knows how to do is to single-mindedly attain Buddhahood.

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf
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