Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Practice

Recently, many people have been coming to visit me. Most had attended ''ghost temples'' or had been blessed by ''black magic masters.'' Or they had been wearing a ''ghost talisman,'' believed in ''witchcraft,'' or had been propagating ''ghost practices.''

Most of these people looked pale. Their faces were distorted and odd in appearance. Their eyes were glazed or they suffered from lapses in concentration. Some were divorced women with dark energy in their faces.

All of these people were members of a certain group which ''utilizes ghosts'' (cultivates ghosts) and they claimed to be part of a ghost community with millions of members.

The leader of this community has spread ghost cultivating groups widely around the world. Many temples, and even homes and offices, enshrine the ghosts. Some group members even wear ghost talismans.

The bright side is that some members of these groups benefit from wealth and fame. The downside is that some members are devoured by their own practices.

Right practice of Buddhism: does not teach anyone to cultivate ghosts, to make offerings to ghosts, or to utilize ghosts.

This practice is therefore a ''devil's gate, crooked path.''

They asked, ''Having enshrined ghosts for such a long time can we just discard them now?''
I replied, ''For the time being don't just throw them out. I'm afraid there may be adverse repercussions.''

They asked again, ''Can we transfer the ghost shrine to someone else to enshrine?''
I replied, ''Absolutely not. This will harm the innocent.''

They questioned further, ''Can we mail the shrine back to the community?''
I answered, ''Returning it to where it came from is a plausible solution.''

They asked, ''What is the effect of making offerings to ghosts over a long period of time?''
I explained, ''There are six major influences :

  1. Qi being stolen
  2. Ghost disturbances
  3. Ghost attachment
  4. Losing one's mind
  5. Ghost substitution
  6. Death''

They were very frightened...

They asked, ''How does one prevent this from happening?''
I replied, ''Mahabala is the nemesis of these ghosts.''

They said, ''Grandmaster please transmit the ghost prohibiting practice to us!''
I explained, ''Enshrine an image or a statue of Mahabala at home. Prepare offerings to him. Light three incense sticks.''
I continued,
''One then stands inside the door of one's house, forms the Mahabala mudra, and visualizes Mahabala standing at the door. One then chants the Mahabala ghost prohibiting mantra, 'Om, ma-ha-ba-la-ye, hum-hum-pei.' 108 times.
''Apply this same method of visualizing Mahabala, forming the mudra, and chanting the Mahabala ghost prohibiting mantra 108 times, at every window in one's house.''

If one performs this practice, ghosts will not be able to enter the house.
One can perform this practice daily or once every 15 days.
Through this practice one's home will be safe, peaceful, and pure.
If practitioners constantly chant the Mahabala mantra while walking, standing, sitting or lying down they will be safe and peaceful.

(Through the widespread dissemination of this practice, ghosts will be prohibited. Everyone please inform everyone else of this practice. If everyone practices the Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Practice, those who utilize ghost practices will be powerless.
Those who haven't received the empowerment should come in person for the empowerment as soon as possible. Remote empowerment is only given for chanting the Mahabala mantra.)

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