Red Jambhala's Trunk

There is a disciple named Lotus Dajun, who recently graduated from university.

He received the Red Jambhala empowerment.

He went home that night and started practicing the Red Jambhala Practice.

Lotus Dajun is a college graduate. However in this flamboyant world, it is difficult for a college graduate to find his or her ideal job. There are lots of post-secondary graduates every year, but they rarely find their ideal job - ''too few jobs for too many people.''

Lotus Dajun applied to a big company.

It is very difficult to be hired by this company.

''Fat chance!'' A lot of people told him.

But he still tried.

He practiced the Red Jambhala Practice and remembered that Grand Master taught the following: ''Visualize Red Jambhala trunk stretching very long. It stretches to the four cardinal points and is infinitely long. The trunk stretches to the thing that the yogi wants and Red Jambhala trunk rolls up to the item and brings it to the practitioner.''

Lotus Dajun used this method. He visualized Red Jambhala trunk rolling and wrapping around the big company and then himself entering the big company.

When he finished the visualization, he recited the mantra for blessing to confirm his faith.

That night, he had a dream:

''He dreamed of Red Jambhala bringing him into the big company to work, and there - inside the company - was his own desk.''

This was a spiritual-response dream.

A few days later, he received a letter from the company stating that he was hired; thus, officially he obtained his ideal job!

Lotus Dajun wrote a letter to thank Grand Master and Red Jambhala!

There's another disciple called Lotus Zhenzhen.

She has practiced the Red Jambhala Practice for a long time.

One time during her meditation, she saw a red fog covering the ground. Inside the fog, she saw a lot of radish leaves upon which stood the Red Jambhala.

The Red Jambhala was standing in front of her.

She saw the Red Jambhala not knowing what to say but muttered:

''Grand Master said that Red Jambhala trunk has magical power. Can you show me?''

Red Jambhala responded:

''Of course I can show you! What are the difficulties?'' Immediately, he stretched his trunk from the room's window reaching out several hundred feet long.

''Can it stretch longer?''

Suddenly, from Lotus Zhenzhen's home, it stretched out to the top of the head of the Big Buddha located at the Lantau Island, looking like a nasal bridge.

Red Jambhala said to her:

''Common people's visions are like beans - they don't know how precious the True Buddha Tantric Dharma is. They think the Jambhala is a secularity practice, a convenient practice when in fact, it is a samadhi achievement.

Red Jambhala asked her:

''What do you want?''


''OK!'' The Red Jambhala's trunk stretched and really spit out a round Sarira. Once the Sarira was out on the floor, the Red Jambhala disappeared.

Lotus Zhenzhen didn't know if the Sarira was real or not. She took a hammer and hit it hard. Instead of breaking the Sarira, it merely created a sound of ping-pong with colorful firelight radiance. The Sarira not only remained completely intact, but also released a sudden multicolored light every now and then. Additionally, it produced an exotic aroma. It was unprecedented, a scene never seen before.

Lotus Zhenzhen asked me:

''How should I enshrine and worship it?''

I answered:

''Put the Sarira into a stupa with saffron under it. Put the stupa onto the altar and perform offering, bowing and reciting of mantra every day - this may give birth to smaller Sariras.''

Lotus Zhenzhen also had a question - if in that moment she had requested for a diamond, would Red Jambhala have given her a diamond? How many carats would it have been? Would it have been a real diamond or a fake one? She also thought what if she had requested dollars - would Red Jambhala really have spit out dollars? How much would he have given to her? Would the bills be real or counterfeit? How could real bills be spit out from the trunk?

Those questions are very difficult to answer. One must ask Red Jambhala to find out the answers.

However, I contemplated :

Is the True Buddha Tantric Dharma more important? Or the diamond?

Is the Sarira more important? Or the dollars?

What would you say?

Translated by TBTTs

Translator: Cristina Li

Translation Accuracy Editor: DJ Chang

English Proficiency Editor: Simon Chin

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