13. A Rising Lotus from the Fire


At 3:00pm, Feb. 22, 2014, Saturday, an Amoghapasa Homa Ceremony was held at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple and while the ceremony was in progress...


A grey shadow prostrated in front of my Dharma seat.


I softly inquired: ''Who are you?''


He replied, ''Gao Lingfeng.''


I was surprised. Didn't Gao Lingfeng just diea short time ago? He was a Taiwanese singer.


I asked, ''How did you get here?''


He said, ''The Golden Mother of theJade Pond of Ci Hui Chapter brought me here.''


I looked up to the sky.


The Golden Mother of the Jade Pond was noddingand smiling at me.

''What can I do for you?'' I asked Gao Lingfeng.


He answered, "The Golden Mother told me that, fortuitously, LivingBuddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu is performing a homa today at Taiwan Lei TsangTemple. I will take you there. You can pray to Grand Master Lu to guide anddeliver you to a pure land.''


I nodded and understood completely.




I invoked the Fire God to lead Gao Lingfeng into the fierce fire. Instantly, Gao Lingfengwas burned into black karmic wind by the true Samadhi fire and drifted away.


His primordial spirit was purified andilluminating.


A lotus flower rose gradually above the fire.


Right at this moment, three-faced and four-armedAmoghapasa appeared at front ready to deliver equally.


She then delivered the singer Gao Lingfeng andthe rest of the spiritual beings to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. 


On this one day I saw Golden Mother of the JadePond (Divine Mother), the ''God of Fire Heaven,'' and Amoghapasa. I was very happy that Gao Lingfeng was able toescape suffering and attain happiness.


According to my knowledge, in his lifetime

Gao Lingfeng committed many sins of ''affection indulgence'' and he also had gambling karma. His karmic obstacles were notlight. Fortunately he had deepfaith in Golden Mother of the Jade Pond. If he hadn't had any faith, hewould have been reborn as a female inhis next life to pay off all those ''affection indulgence'' related karmic debts.


He was fortunate that Golden Mother of the JadePond brought him to me.


His karmic obstacles were burned out by theSamadhi fire and transformed into a large, pure, red lotus flower. Thereafterhe was delivered to a pure and blissful Buddhist land.



Frankly, I had never met Gao Lingfeng in myentire life. He was not my disciple. It was just that he had strong faith inthe Golden Mother of the Jade Pond of Ci Hui Chapter and Golden Mother is my personal deity with whom I haveattained spiritual union.


It was due to this affinity that he wasdelivered equally. This is really an incredible story!



Dear sacred disciples,


One who has completely attained the developmentstage is almost able to meet the principal deity face to face.


However, it is not yet perfect. The practitionerneeds to continue to practice the completion stage, recognize his primordialmind, realize his buddha nature, and reach buddhahood.


All these require faith. Without faith, nothingcan succeed.


Gao Lingfeng had faith in Golden Mother of theJade Pond.

This is the key to his deliverance!

Translated by TBTTs

Translator: DJ Chang

Editor: Henry Wolf

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