Talismans to Suppress the ''Flu''
(247_Miraculous Talismans from Guru Lian-sheng)

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Amy Lin
Editors: Ky Ly and DJ Chang

People nowadays, especially those that have weak immune systems, are very afraid of the common cold. Many symptoms can occur throughout the year. The epidemic of influenza is also known as the ''Flu''. During the peak of flu season, it is difficult to avoid it.

When a major flu appears, symptoms like coughing, runny noses, and fever plus other various complications can occur. Many even lose their lives for the sake.

Presently, other than human influenza, ''Avian Influenza'' has become a predominant epidemic. Hundreds of thousands and millions of chickens, ducks, and geese that have Avian Influenza are killed off to prevent the virus from spreading. Yet it is still hard to control the flu completely. Other than the ''flu'', people still have to face the deadly ''SARS'', ''Ebola'', and etc.

Bacteria today are constantly mutating. Once they start transmitting from human to human it could be like the ''Fowl Plague''. In a matter of time, the human race could be annihilated.

Someone asked me, ''What could be done?'' I replied, ''The Golden Mother of the Jade Pond is the Ancient Goddess. She rules the Gods of 'Plague.' The Five Big Gods of Plague are all afraid of her. She would transform into the Tiger Head Vajra and rule these Five Big Gods of Plague.''

The talisman is as follow:

The Mantra says:
''Lian-sheng commends the formidable deity of Tiger, detain the Five Gods of Plague, subdue the Five Gods of Plague, expel the Five Gods of Plague, catch the Five Gods of Plague, remove the filthiness, yuan heng li zhen, Promptly, Promptly, in Accordance with the Ordinance.''
This talisman is to be pasted on facilities that shelter chickens, ducks, and geese. Due to the presence of the Tiger God from Golden Mother of the Jade Pond, the Avian Influenza virus will be feared away!

Someone asked:
''What about the people who are afraid of the flu?''
I replied: ''One can first take a vaccination shot, then wear a talisman.''
The talisman is as follow:

The mantra says:
''Lian Sheng commands descent of The God of Golden Armor, protect the body and mind, tranquilize the soul, don't be deluded or scared by the virus, everyone calmly stays in one's own position, purify inside and out, body will be immuned from the virus, completely deplete the disease, Promptly, Promptly, in Accordance with the Ordinance.''
This talisman is to be worn on one's body.
This Golden Armor talisman will be even more powerful if it is ''stamped''.
The stamps are:
Liu Ding Liu Jia Stamp.
Primordial Tai Chi Stamp.
Doutian Lightning Fire Stamp.
Master Lian Sheng Stamp.
Three-Emperor Stamp.

God of Golden Armor Talisman is usually not passed down to anyone. This talisman is very rarely seen!

yuan heng li zhen: Taoist mantra

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!
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