24. My Advice for Chanting the Manjushri Mantra

Translated by TBTTs

Translator: Yun Pennington

Translation Accuracy Editor: DJ Chang

English Proficiency Editor: Shelley Higgins/Henry Wolf

A disciple, ''Lianhua Yue Hui'' gave birth to a son who had a round head and long ears. He looked very much like the Chinese image of Maitreya, a round head, round stomach, four plump limbs, and a face that is always smiling and happy. Her baby won first place in a healthy baby contest.

Later when he grew older, the family discovered that there was something wrong with him.

He did not walk steadily, could not pronounce words, and both eyes stared blankly without emotion.

The family tried to teach him, however, he could not follow or understand. He seemed to have turned into an ''idiot.''

He often giggled foolishly and slobbered. He was only able to shout with an Ah Ah sound.

His parents were worried and took him to see doctors. One doctor said it was ''epilepsy.'' Another doctor said it was ''autism.'' Eventually the parents brought him to see me.

Putting my hand on his head, I blessed him. I also advised his parents to chant the ''Manjushri Bodhisattva Mantra'' and dedicate the merit to their child. The Manjushri Mantra is ''Om。ah-la-ba-za-la-di。''


Lianhua Yue Hui is a disciple with strong spiritual conviction.

Someone said to her,

''You have faith in Grand Master Lu, but still, your son was born this way. Why do you still believe?''

Lianhua Yue Hui answered,

''This is because of our own karma. There's no reason to blame Grand Master Lu!''

The person then inquired, ''Doesn't Grand Master Lu bless and protect you?''

Lianhua Yue Hui answered,

''Grand Master Lu has five million disciples and every one of them has their own different karma. In the same way there are a great number of Buddhists all of whom have different karmic hindrances. It's not the case that everything is always perfect and auspicious for Buddhists.''

Lianhua Yue Hui added,

''Buddha taught us impermanence. Buddha himself also went through life, death, old age and illness. He too suffered greatly.''

Those questioning Lianhua Yue Hui felt a bit ashamed of themselves and left her alone.


Lianhua Yue Hui chanted the Manjushri Mantra even more diligently.

One night, Manjushri Bodhisattva appeared. Manjushri was riding on a yellow lion, crystal, transparent, and dark green in color. The Bodhisattva was holding a sword.

With a stroke, Manjushri cut the son's head off with the sword. Yue Hui was terribly grieved by this.

However, Manjushri got another head and calmly attached this head onto her son.

Seeing this, Yue Hui was astonished.

The intense astonishment woke her up. It was all only a dream!

She went immediately to check on her son who was fast asleep. She examined his neck and nothing had changed or was different. She felt relieved.

After this dream, her husband returned from a trip. He brought back a clear glazed Manjushri Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva was dark green and the lion was yellow. Seeing it, Yue Hui exclaimed ''Unbelievable!''

The most incredible thing was that from then on the son of Lianhua Yue Hui began to recover day by day and in time became an intelligent child.


Dear Holy Disciples:

Each and every person has their own karmic hindrances, and each person's karmic hindrances are different from everyone else's.

Every family goes through its problems.

The most important thing is ''reverence'' when praying for blessing from the Root Guru and the Bodhisattva.

If so destined one will be relieved from distress. Like Lianhua Yue Hui, chanting Manjushri's mantra and then personally seeing Manjushri will definitely relieve distress and difficulties.

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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