Four Books One Must Read to Have a Clear Understanding of XX

【TBSN News】To Establish a Clear Understanding of XX, all True Buddha School Disciples Should Obtain and Read the Following Four Books: Vicious Ghosts - The Untold Stories, Ghosts and Deceptions, She Devil - Unmasking the Face of a Devil, and The Ghost Headquarters

【Reported by Master Liandian in Nantou, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edited by DJ Chang and Henry Wolf】
On December 30, 2017, Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu presided over a Mahabala Homa Ceremony at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple. Prior to the ceremony, Master Lianzhen, along with other masters and disciples acting as representatives of Fuyu Temple of Hsinchu City, respectfully supplicated Living Buddha Lian-sheng to hold a grand homa ceremony for Skanda Bodhisattva and Sangharama Bodhisattva on January 21, 2018, in Hsinchu City. The supplication ceremony conducted by the masters and disciples was carried out in a solemn, dignified and flawless fashion.

Following the homa, in response to the supplication ceremony, Living Buddha Lian-sheng welcomed everyone to attend the upcoming Skanda Bodhisattva and Sangharama Bodhisattva Homa Ceremony in Fuyu Temple.

Long ago, after Sakyamuni entered nirvana and was cremated, a significant number of relics appeared. At that time, ''fast moving evil spirits'' came and snatched some of the relics away. As it turned out, Skanda Bodhisattva appeared at that very moment and used the Rapid Feet Divine Travelling Practice to chase after and apprehend the ghosts. Grandmaster will be specially transmitting this practice at the Skanda Bodhisattva and Sangharama Bodhisattva Homa Ceremony. After cultivating this practice, one need not fear XX's ghosts as one will definitely be able to outrun them all.

In the past, when Sramana Zhiyi encountered difficulties, it was Sangharama Bodhisattva who led a host of netherworld troops to guard and protect him. Ever since, Sangharama Bodhisattva has been enshrined as a dharma protector in temples throughout China.

Maudgalyayana's supernatural power was considered foremost, but he was actually second to Sariputra, who always avoided demonstrating his supernatural power. XX, on the other hand, enjoys displaying her ''supernatural powers.'' Despite trying to show these ''powers'' off here and there, her results just show she has no supernatural power.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng recently paid a visit to XX House. As it turns out, XX House is situated adjacent to Hell and happens to be a hell which is arbitrarily located. In the near future, I will write a book called The Ghost Headquarters which will completely expose everything about XX House.

Following the homa, Grandmaster gave a discourse on Mahabala. Mahabala's crown ornament is Amitabha. On a thangka, Amitabha should be positioned at the top, Golden Mother of the Jade Pond to the right, and Smiling-face Ghost King to the left. Mahabala is a vajra dharma protector manifested from the swirling heart of Padmakumara. On Grandmaster's right thumb, there is an image of Mighty Ghost King formed by the thumb print. The resemblance of this thumb print to Mahabala is remarkable. Mahabala (Smiling-face Ghost King) is also one of the six primary attendants of Ksitigarbha.

Also known as Mighty Envoy, Mahabala is the integration of five deities. He is depicted holding a staff, a whisk, and a lasso. Mighty Envoy also holds a lasso. Mahabala is thus fully equipped. This is how Mahabala is depicted.

One who cultivates the Mahabala practice will be able to subdue the four maras, namely, the mara of illnesses, the mara of afflictions, the mara of aggregates (afflictions caused by form, sensation, cognition, mental formations, and consciousness), and the mara of death. One will also be able to subdue the mara of Mahesvara. In addition, by cultivating the Mahabala Practice, one will gain blessings and wisdom.

Lamdre teaches that a buddha has four bodies: the emanation body, Living Buddha Lian-sheng; the reward body, the manifestation of a solemn and dignified Amitabha Tathagata; the dharma body, which can transform at any time; and the true body which is the original, encompassing absolute, eternal and perfect wisdom. The true body can manifest as the dharma body, reward body, or emanation body. The dharma body is like a drop of water whereas the true body is the vast ocean.

Next, Grandmaster demonstrated how to perform boundary protection using the Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Mantra, ''Om。ma-ha-ba-la-ye。hum-hum-pei。''

Living Buddha Lian-sheng then continued his discourse on Lamdre and discussed the different levels of tantric vase empowerments, such as ''seeing'' body, speech and mind, ''point of cultivation,'' and ''the moment of death.''

When one discovers that one's dharma protector and principal deity are no longer present and there is no longer any spiritual response, this is a sign that death is approaching.

To establish a clear understanding of XX, all True Buddha School disciples should obtain and read the following four books: Vicious Ghosts - The Untold Stories, Ghosts and Deceptions, She Devil - Unmasking the Face of a Devil, and The Ghost Headquarters.

《Appendix》【Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Practice】
Enshrine an image or statue of Mahabala at home. Prepare offerings to him. Light three incense sticks. One then stands inside the door of one's house, forms the Mahabala mudra, and visualizes Mahabala standing at the door. One then chants the Mahabala ghost prohibiting mantra, ''Om, ma-ha-ba-la-ye, hum-hum-pei'' 108 times.

Apply this same method of visualizing Mahabala, forming the mudra, and reciting the Mahabala ghost prohibiting mantra 108 times at every door and window in one's house. If one performs this practice, ghosts will not be able to enter one's house. One can perform this practice daily or once every 15 days. Through this practice one's home will be safe, peaceful, and pure. If practitioners constantly chant the Mahabala mantra while walking, standing, sitting or lying down, they will be safe and peaceful.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng has previously transmitted the Mahabala Uncommon Practice. Please refer to TBSN for the sadhana.

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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